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Outtake Picspam

I was going to do this a few days after I put Chapter 5 up, but I'm bored.  Enjoy!

First, can I say that I am rethinking the Free Roaming Ghost handicap?  Chris haunts every freaking night.  She starts out here:

Yes, Chris.  We get it.  It's your bed (actually, it's Thomas and Carolina's now...I wanted to buy them a new one, but I've seen what happens to a ghost when you sell his/her bed).  Once she's cheered for a while, she heads to the bathroom.

Bubble baths.  Lots and lots of bubble baths.  Too bad she's not one of the ghosts who cleans.

It has no bearing on the story, but I love this photo of Rhoda as a teenager:

She still does this for hours.

A very inappropriate conversation for Civil War/Victorian times:

Really Thomas?  Handcuffs?  On your wedding night, with your wife who has never woohooed before?  Can't that wait a while?

Carolina is such a great mother.  She taught both Anne and Diana their nursery rhymes.

I love Anne and Diana.  They're such cuties.  Here they are on their first day of school:

They're going to teen-ify during the next rotaiton, and I can't wait to see how they turn out and what aspirations they roll.

Eliza grew up from college in a horrible outfit:

Ugh.  Enough said.

Some random photos from her wedding:

Primrose and Mercy almost missed the vows because they were gossiping about Nicole.

I had the entire extended family on the lot, and it lagged so bad.

I never would have taken Eliza for a cake shover.  She had a roof-raiser wedding party.

Proof that Eliza still give me great faces:

Poor Eliza.  Don't worry; she'll get her happy ending.

Okay, time for a quick update on some of the spares.  First, Rebecca Thompson (John + Chris -> Phineas + Nicole -> Rebecca).  She met Mr. Big at a dinner party at her sister Sophia's.

(Note to self: don't try to get a sim with 1 nice point and 0 nice points to be friends by playing chess.)

So Rebecca got to marry a very rich sim, and she and Nicole are very happy.

Her twin, Richard got married to Renee Johnson (a vacation teenage townie).

Sophia and Rebecca, gossiping about Thomas:

I don't know where that came from.

Renee gives me great faces too:

She's a sweetheart.  I almost wish I'd saved her for an heir.  But her genetics (I want recessives) lost out.

Baby time!  Thomas and Carolina aren't the only ones who have been busy.  Rhoda and Randy London (John + Chris ->Primrose + Isaiah -> Primrose) have a daughter, Edwina.

I have seen her as a child, and let me say, the Gavigan genetics are VERY dominant.  Poor Edwina (or Wendy, as she is called).

Rhoda is a romance sim, so after Wendy was born, this happened:

No more babies!  Don't worry, Rhoda.  Spares aren't going to have lots of kids.

Next door, Sophia and Jimmy Phoenix welcomed a baby boy, Cole:

He is the apple of his parents eye.

Cole is a real cutie.  You'll get to see him as a child in chapter 6.

And last, Roger (Rhoda's twin) and Anne Gavigan have a daughter, Vertaline:

It's easy to tell who her father is.

Okay, that it for now.  I'm excited to play some this weekend, and I want to start on the bios for generation 3 and maybe get them posted.  I'll have to see how I feel.
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