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Myshuno Prompt: “I’m too old to be doing this.”

Name: Redecorating
Characters: James, Jefferson, Cindy, Marsha
Rating: PG - Because James likes to swear
Summary:  The baby’s due soon, and Cindy’s nesting instinct has kicked in.
Notes: Canon.  This will appear in the next chapter, so it is a spoiler.
Word Count: 481
My Card
“A little further to the right…there!” Cindy said.
Jefferson and James put the sofa down with a grunt.  Both men pulled handkerchiefs from their pockets and wiped their foreheads in a nearly simultaneous motion.  Marsha smiled from her place in the doorway.
“Doesn’t it look so much better?” Cindy was saying as she straightened out the pictures on the wall.  “That wallpaper was so old-fashioned.”
“Well, considering that my grandmother picked it out not long after she was married, it has been up for a while.”
“It does look very nice,” commented Marsha, “But did we really need all the new furniture?  Couldn’t we have had it reupholstered?”
Cindy did her best not to make a face.  “I thought about that, but then I sat on one of these at the store and it was so comfortable that I couldn’t resist.”
“Try it, Mama,” agreed James, “and tell me that you prefer the old sofa.”
Marsha sat, and she had to admit that it was more comfortable than the old furniture.
Cindy smiled.  “Now, I’d like to do the dining room next.  Marsha, why don’t you come in with me and help me pick out the new colors.”
The two women disappeared through the double doors, and the two men flopped onto the new sofas.
“When we bought them, I didn’t realize they’d be so damned heavy.  Sorry about that, Papa.”
Jefferson chuckled.  “Nothing a hot bath won’t fix.”
“Still, you really shouldn’t be moving heavy stuff around at your age.  I’ll get Cyrus to help move the dining room furniture when that time comes.”
“James, I’m old, not decrepit.  I think I can manage to move a few chairs and a table.”
“What about that huge sideboard?”
“Well, I suppose it would be good for Cyrus to help with that,” Jefferson admitted with a smile.
James leaned back into the soft cushions of the sofa.  “I don’t get it, Papa.  Cindy’s never been domestic before.  What’s up with the sudden need to redecorate?”
Jefferson chuckled.  “Nesting, son.  The baby will be here soon, so she’s feeling the need to get the house ready for it.  Your mother did the same, when she was carrying you.  Of course, she was limited to fixing up the nursery, since your grandmother wouldn’t let her do anything else.”
James smirked.  “Well, Grandmother was kind of a bitch, so I can see that happening.”
“James, she was your grandmother,” Jefferson admonished.
“Just calling them like I see them, Papa.”
“Did you hear me say that you were wrong?”
The two men shared a laugh.
“Jefferson, James, we need another opinion,” called Marsha’s voice from behind the door.  James got up, and offered his hand to Jefferson, who was a little slower in his movements.
“Thank you, son,” he said, trying to stretch out his back.  “Maybe I am too old to be moving furniture.”

Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2011, character: cindy, character: james, character: jefferson, character: marsha, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration, spoilers: plotz
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