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Random thoughts in their natural order...

New laptop = WIN.  I'm too lazy to move all my games over to it, but it sure makes the writing process faster (and the resolution on the screen is amazing.  My pics look great).

I barely played at all this weekend, not that I needed to.  I only had 1 more house in the summer rotation to finish before I could write.  And did I write.  I cranked out Chapter 6 in no time at all.  I would say that I was inspired, but in reality I've been building up to this for the past two chapters, and I knew excatly what needed to happen.  It's nearly ready.  I just need a few shots for the finale of the chapter that I have planned.  I'll get them tonight, and more than likely finish writing as well. 

Got Photoshop over the weekend.  It seems like a program that makes it really hard to do simple things, but that's just my first impression.  If I managed to master Publisher, I can figure out Photoshop.

I was rereading my past chapters, and I've discovered a few typos and misspellings and such.  I'm going to go back and fix them, because it annoys me (majoring in English will do that to you).

That's it.  Look for an update later this week!

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