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Myshuno Prompt: Waltz

Name: First Dance
Characters: Nick, Nick’s wife
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Nick and his wife brace for a separation.
Notes: Canon.  This will be part of Nicky’s wedding to the mystery redhead.
Word Count: 389
My Card

The small wedding had gone off beautifully, and Nick was now enjoying his first dance with his new bride as husband and wife.
“You know, darling,” she said as they waltzed around the music room which had been temporarily reconfigured for their wedding reception, “As much as I objected to you joining the army, I have to say that you look very dashing in your uniform.”
“Thanks,” he said, leaning forward to kiss her.  “And your dress is wow.  I don’t know how you and my mom pulled it off on such short notice.”
“Your mother is a formidable woman, Nick.  When I told her want I wanted, she didn’t rest until she had created a sketch and then the dress of my dreams.”
“I’m glad we decided to do this the way we did.  I’m glad I’ll have today to look back on when I’m somewhere in SimEurope fighting.”
“You got your orders, then?” she asked, her voice remaining steady in spite of the fact that all color had just drained from her face.
He nodded.  “I was waiting until tonight to tell you.  I didn’t want to spoil today for you with the news.”
She swallowed.  “When do you leave?”
His blue eyes bore into hers.  “A week from today.”
Nick had to tighten his grip on his bride as he felt her step falter.  “So soon.”
“I know.”
She began to blink very fast to keep the tears in, and the hand that had been resting on Nick’s shoulder clutched at it as if she were holding on for dear life.  “I don’t want to let you go.”
“You have to,” he replied.  “And we have a week before that happens.  A week to make great memories for both of us to draw on when we need to.”
“You’re right,” she said.  “I’m the wife of a soldier now.  I need to be brave.  Are we still going up to your parents’ cabin for a few days?”
“Yes,” he said, glad to see her resolve strengthen.  He had no greater worry than leaving her behind alone.  “And then a few days here with the family and to make sure you’re settled in and comfortable.”
She nodded.  “I love you,” she said, looking deep into his eyes.
“And I love you, too,” he replied, kissing her again.
Tags: challenge: myshuno! 2011, character: nicholas, prompt responce: writing, prompt: simspiration, spoilers: plotz, story: bradford legacy
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