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I finished my novel.  It's not a great piece of literature, but it does have its moments. I just don't know why the little bar didn't turn purple.  :(  But it is validated. 

I'm glad I'm done, because it means I can focus on finishing up my last few Myshuno prompts, get to the legiversary drabbles I need to write, and (oh yeah) the next chapter.  I'd like to get it out before the end of the year, because I'd like to include Christmas in the chapter instead of a separate special.  But now, I'm taking a break from writing to work on a Secret Santa project. ETA: The purple bar comes up when I view the NaNo site with Firefox, but LJ's not letting me update the picture for some reason. But I have it, at least.

ETA: Yay!  I got the purple bar with Firefox. 
Tags: challenge: nanowrimo 2011, real life: wannabe author
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