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Chapter 23 Picspam – Part 3

Last but not least, we’ll check out the main Bradford house, and I can show you what went on there that didn’t make it into the chapter.

As you saw, redecorating was part of the plot for the last chapter. I don’ think I’ve ever really shown you the house before, so have a peek at what Cindy’s redone so far.

Parlor/Living Room

Cool colors were all the rage during Art Deco, so I went with blue. It will also last me for a few more generations. Heck, I like it so much I might keep it until the end, save for changing the furniture.

Dining Room

I went with green here, again for the cool tone. I really need to recolor the high chair so it’s close to the dining room furniture in color.


The games room, where the pool table resides. That hadn’t been changed since I originally built it. You’ll be seeing more of this room in the next chapter.

I think the fish got the memo that they’re going to be on the table soon.

They’re trying to get out of the pond.

What Cindy did, since we have a radio now.

Impending Baby Panic (TM)

Everyone really does love Nicky.

Okay, so it took Cindy a little while to get the hang of it, but she did.

And now, let’s have a ton of gratuitous shots of the little heir.

I can’t help myself. My first blond heir.

I got the portraits for James and Cindy done.

Though Marsha is doing to poor Cindy what Jan did to her. Bad Marsha!

Some of the work outfits have me shaking my head. Poor Cindy.

Marsha still gardens like crazy. Her well-stock inventory will serve us well in the future.

One of the things that bugs me is the lack of common sense. This is from when I sent James and Cindy to the cemetery to shoot that scene. The cemetery is to the left of the house. So why are they walking to the right? Ugh.

More Nicky. This time, birthday spam.

What a cute toddler.

After I changed his clothes and hair, I took a crapload more pictures. Have some of them.

I just want to snuggle him to bits.

Everyone helped with his skilling.

Except Jefferson. Marsha did potty-training. James taught him to talk. Cindy taught him to walk and his nursery rhyme.

Most of you were pretty glad that Cindy took to being a mom, even if it took her a little while. How could she not, with such a cute little boy?

No words. Just awws.

She’s the one that rolled the want to have another baby. Of course, she is now Family as her secondary aspiration.

And everyone was worried about Cindy during the market crashing scenes.

The second pregnancy isn’t going as well as the first. She’s puking more, and her needs are tanking. It’s not twins, so I figured it was good for plots.

Another birthday!

I have just the one shot of him as a child, so you’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see more of kid!Nikcy.


*sigh* Jefferson, you know James has a temper. You may be his father, but I don’t think he’ll react well if you act on that heart-farting.

That’s all the pics I have from the last rotation/chapter. Hope you enjoyed!
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