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I've not felt like playing the Bradfords.  Mostly because the next house in the rotations is the Hutchins, and Phily's going to die.  I've had enough with depressing things to last me a while, so I feel perfectly justified in this procrastination.

I've decided that since I have the Sims 3, I should play it occaisionally.  I've got the EPs up through Generations, and I've yet to see a new EP that makes me excited, so I think I'm pausing here.  I loaded up Twinbrook, one of the pre-made towns since I cannot for the life of me figure out the Create-a-World tool (why, EA, did you take away the ability to make a town easily?!).  Behind the cut are pictures of what I've been doing.

Meet Harry Distraction, named for Harry Potter, as I had just rewatched one of the movies before I loaded up the game.  Yeah, I'm playing a sorta-legacy (since I didn't put him on the blank lot specified by the official rules), and all Sims will be named after things that distract me.  Harry is Brave (the family trait), Dramatic, Family Oriented, Good, and Overly Emotional.  To me, that sums Harry Potter up pretty well.  He's a Leo, as the real HP is, and his favorite are Hip Hop, tri-tip steak, and Red (Gryfindor!).  His Lifetime Wish is to be a Firefighter Hero (Save 30 Sims' lives).  I found that pretty fitting too, since HP has a hero-complex.

Behold the mighty castle!  My building skills are no better in this game than in TS2.  It's a box with three rooms: great room, bedroom, bathroom. 

Be warned, there are walls down, photos aren't centered, and there's sometimes stuff in the way.  I'm not writing a legacy here, more documenting that I'm actually using the game.

Harry needed athletic skill, and he wished to go jogging, so I let him.  Pictures like this make me want to play the game more.

And he was starving when he got home, so he made mac and cheese, one of the only things he could do since he had no cooking skills.

Next day, it was off to work at the fire house.  I was hoping to have me meet and woo the carpool driver, but I couldn't interact with her.  Too bad. 

So Harry, in addition to athletic and mechanical skill, needs to befriend his coworkers.  I forget this guy's name, but he's a vampire.  I didn't think that fire and vampires mixed well.  *shrugs*

There are fireman's poles in the fire house, and I had to see what Harry would do.  I guess it's tied to the athletic skill, because he fell on his butt.  Awesome animation thought.

So the alarm goes off, and you run to the fire truck to go to the emergency.  This time, Harry was able to use the pole okay.

The fire truck is called the Woo-Woo 400.  I love it.

When Harry got to the house, he quickly put out the fire.  I was expecting it to be a lot harder, but it really didn't take too long. 

Harry go promoted pretty quickly.  As long as you respond to the fires and work on the skills, it's really not too hard.

But Harry was busy with more than just work.  He's been getting to know his coworkers, some better than others.  This is Cho Sonwhum, a fellow firefighter.  The fact that her name is Cho was too much, and I decided this would be the first Mrs. Distraction.

Things seemed to be going well, excepting the fact that she would not agree to go over to Harry's house.  It was always "Call me later."  So I figured I'd get their relationship up at work.

I've decided I love Dramatic Sims.  They do stuff like this all the time.

Tinkering and upgrading appliances builds Mechanical, so Harry's trying to upgrade the stove.  I don't think banging it with a hammer will do much good, Harry.  And sure enough, it blew up on him a little while later.

Things were going well with on the Cho front.  I was able to get their relationship up high enough for Harry to get his First Kiss.

And that's where things got interesting.  Cho, who was single when Harry started flirting with her, was now married to some guy named Dre.  I was able to have Harry convince Cho to break up with him, which is when I discovered Cho has Commitment Issues.  Lovely.

Since Cho wouldn't come over, Harry had to meet her at the fire house.  After getting their relationship up, Harry proposed.  Cho, the commitment-phobe, said no.

So Harry apologized, cried on Cho's shoulder, and got her to move in with him.  Go Harry!

I then gave Miss Cho a makeover.  Cho Showhum is Dramatic, Exciteable, Commitment Issues, Party Animal, and Schmoozer.  Her favorites are Pop, fruit parfait, and purple.  She's a Gemini (compatilbe with Harry), and her Lifetime Wish was to be Super Popular (have 20 friends).  Once I got her enough reward points, I purchased the change.  She now wants to be a Renaissance Sim (Master 3 Skills).  She'll be able to do that as a stay-at-home mom. 

I added on to their house with the money Cho brought, and then got them started on giving me a heir.  One kid per generation, unless I get twins.

Since Cho was the one with Commitment Issues, I had her propose to Harry.  See how excited he is?

Since Cho was already pretty big, I got them married pretty quick.  And then I realized that Cho proposed the marriage, so their last name is now Showhum.  *headdesk*  Oh well.  I'm going to pretend that didn't happen, and that they are the Distractions.

What's wrong, Harry?

It's a baby!  The little pink bundle is Stylia Distraction.  Named Stylia for my In Style magazine, which I love and always seems to arrive when there's something else I should be working on.  Her favorites are Indie music, frog's legs, and violet.  I rolled for her traits (I'll put Brave in later), and she got Couch Potato and Friendly.  Oh, and she's a Taurus.

Cho's the primary caregiver, since Harry's busy playing hero or recovering from playing hero.

Harry's already a 1/3 of the way to his goal, having saved 11 of the 30 lives he needs to.  This is one of them: he carried the child to safety.  Too cute.  He's now the Fire Chief, and can work from home with his own fire alarm and fire engine. 

All that working out is starting to pay off.  Harry's getting muscles.

That's as much as I've played so far.  Stylia's due to age up, and I'll see what she looks like then.

Hope you enjoyed the distractions as much as I do.


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Dec. 27th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Looks fun! Every time people post sims 3 pictures I want to give it another go and now I have some new EPs to play with. It's nice to have sims to play just for the sake of playing huh?
Dec. 27th, 2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
It has been fun. There are some things that I really like, and some that I don't, but I'm going to give it a fair shake and play more than a few days in any one house, and not just cheat to go on the tomb adventures abroad.

It is nice just to play and not worry about story and staging.
Dec. 28th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)
*hugs* It's perfectly okay to not want to play Phily's death right now, or ever - though at some point you'll have to do it, unfortunately. At least she had a long, happy life, and you can always play her and Meadow in another hood, having kids of their own and all that stuff.

Brave = totally a good Gryffindor family trait. :P

*shakes head* The game engine getting sims married is just...yeah.

Aww, baby!

Glad you're having fun playing, even if it'll never be your primary game.
Dec. 28th, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know I'll have to play Phily's death, but I'm just not feeling it right now. She did have a good life, and I can't wait to put her and Meadow in a 'hood and do genetic experiments with them.

It's fun trying to pick what traits to give Sims.

Yeah, the whole relationship building thing annyoys me. Which is why I'm hoping Stylia makes a friend who's a boy as a kid, and then the husband is all set.

I can't wait 'til she's a toddler and I can at least see what she looks like.

It's fun to play and not worry about staging and plots for once.
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