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More Distractions

Played with the Distractions this weekend.  When you're not worried about staging and pictures and the like, things move pretty fast.

Harry, the hero firefighter, got a the key to the city from the mayor in a cool ceremony.  The protestors were all cheering and carrying signs with the firefighter helmet logo on it.  Pretty neat.

But this isn't just about the career thing.  It's a sorta-legacy, so it's about the babies.  Here's Stylia's toddler birthday.

And here she is as a toddler after her makeover.  There's only one long hair for toddlers (bah!).  Here, Harry's teaching her to walk, because he rolled the want.

And here he is teaching her to talk.  Cho rolled none of the wants to teach her anything.  Boo.

Here's Stylia's imaginary friend doll, named Cosmo.  She played with him all the time as a toddler and child, but I never did get their relationship up high enough to make him into a real child.

While all this was going on, Cho's still regretting getting married to Harry at all.  *sigh*

How about another birthday?  It's time for Sylia to become a child.

And here she is as a child.  She grew up well, so I got to pick her trait.  I gave her Brave, the family trait, so I wouldn't forget at another point.

I love that kids can work on their homework together and it goes faster and they make friends.  Such a great feature.  I forget this girl's name, but she's older than Stylia anyway so she won't be around a lot. 

She wanted to buy the potions bench.  Here's my budding mad scientist at work.

And then she brought this guy home.  His name is Ross Drill, he's a Vampire, and he will be Stylia's husband because they're became friends as children and I hate relationship building in the game.  So first opposite gender friend = future spouse.

Stylia wanted a tree house, and then Harry wanted to woohoo Cho in said tree house.  I was hoping for a cooler animation.

Cho had a midlife crisis, which caused her to freak out about wrinkles.  One of the specials wants she rolled was to move house, and since I was planning on it I obliged.  She also wanted to divorce Harry, and I almost let her.  She's been annoying me.

Here's Stylia telling a ghost story to Ross at his house.  It's got some pretty cool animations with scary apparitions floating over the storyteller's head. 

And here's our girl as a teenager.  I was allowed to pick her trait, and she rolled Ambitious.  She still doesn't have a lifetime wish, as she hasn't rolled one that seems to suit her.

What did I tell you? Stylia got her first kiss from Ross the Vampire.  They're now girlfriend and boyfriend.  Stylia got the lifetime reward to learn traits easier, I now know that Ross is Mean Spirited, Excitable, Clumsy, and Easily Impressed.  He's also got a job as a Burial Specialist. 

She also wanted to learn to drive, and Harry wanted to teach her, so she learned to drive on the fire truck.

Stylia rolled the want to Prank the School.  But she got caught, and Cho grounded her.  Fortunately, she was able to get back in her mom's good graces by cleaning up around the house and doing a few loads of laundry. 

You see, she had to go to Prom with Ross.  I really need to find some better formal wear for teens.

Here's their prom photo.  They had a great time, but alas, were not prom King and Queen.  I don't know if they get to go more than once as teens.  Stylia's still got more than a week left at this point.

Here's a bit of irony for you.  One of the last batch of people that Harry saved to achieve his LTW: Cho's ex-husband.

Harry is now a Hero Firefighter, and not a moment too soon.  He got old.

I had him retire, since I was sick of actually playing him at work (the ff career is cool to a point, but it gets annoying after a while).  I have no idea why Cho's cheering him on with a sign with an old ape on it.

Harry after a change of clothes.  He wished to buy a cane, but not until he's a little older.  No hobbly Harry.

Stylia and Ross went on a date.  We'll close with this.

Stylia's about 8 days away from growing up.  At that point, she'll get married to Ross.  I may or may not cure him of his Vampirism, depending on how hard he is to play.  Cho will get old too at that point.  And Stylia needs a LTW.  Hopefully she rolls something good soon.
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