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Jan. 15th, 2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
More torture yay!

...Okay, so that only applies to evil sims, but still...

You know, if you want to see more aspiration failure from the Fortune Sims, I'd avoid paying bills. Most of them are probably terrified of the Repoman. *evil grin*

Ouch for Muriel - Pleasure Sims have it hard, as they fear falling from the dance sphere, but are idiots and do it anyway, on hard, so they have no choice but to fall. And there's very little that can pull them out of it, though there are a few wants. Other aspirations are less likely to go into aspiration failure unless there's a fire or something goes wrong - but it can happen. :D

You can select the inmates...as long as all their panels are closed so you can't see their wants or needs or any other info. So you have to close the controllable's panels and THEN switch over to an inmate, and switch back when done. Of course, therapist pictures are funny both with and without the actual therapist.

Uber ouch on still not having the job, but good luck! You can do it! And remember that if she gets home with a promotion and the shift for the next level has already started, she can walk to work!
Jan. 15th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Nothing wrong with torturing evil sims. They deserve it sometimes

You know, I only just realized that I shouldn’t pay the bills to uh…*encourage* the Fortune Sims to get what they deserve. But it’s too late now… (more on that soon).

Yeah, poor Muriel’s not doing so well. Of all of the sims, she’s probably the most innocent, but there wasn’t anything I could do. She insisted on using the dance sphere…even when I’d have Melanie talk to her or invite her to watch TV.

I actually think the therapist pictures are somewhat funnier when you can’t see him. I thought about collapsing everything to get the pictures, but by the time I realized I could it was too late.

Yeah, not getting the job is rough, but I was able to get her skills and friendships up so she would get promoted lickity split. And I abuse the “walk to work” function in my legacy all the time, so Melanie will be doing so once she gets the job.
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