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Chapter 6 - Outtakes and Picspam

Some random photos that I couldn't fit into the main story.

Baby Abraham.  Such a little cutie.

All togehter now... AWWW.

I had lots of fun with pose boxes trying to find appropriate annimations for the "battle" scenes.

Too much fun.

Horace.  Oh, Horace.  I created you for a plot, knowing that you were going to die, and I went and got attached to you.

Poor Patrick cried for HOURS after I clicked the button to whack Horace.  I felt like crying too.

I took some liberties with the timeline this chapter.  Nicole actually did live to see Richard come home, and then promptly died that night.

As promised, I got her aspiration down to low green before she elderfied, so she didn't last too long.

The Thompson household was very sad.  I don't understand why.  Nicole was the worst spouse EVER.

Two random photos that I liked:

Wendy as a toddler.  She really looks like her Papa in this pic.  (Also, it's one of the few times Rhoda picked her up without my direction).

Chris seems to want to scare Carolina to death.  I'm not going for the ghost collection, and I like Carolina a lot.  Might be time to give up the free-roaming ghost handicap and buy a community lot to ship the dead people off to.

Ah, Eliza and Patrick.  They were so close, and I had to cheat down their relationship score to get the "slap" action.

That looks like it hurt.

I had never noticed the "wipe hands" action after a slap.  I like it.

Eliza still gives me great faces, but she's not the onl one:

Poor Eliza and Patrick.

It took me forever to find something that I liked for Eliza's fainting scene.  I finnaly settled on the Plantsim water falure loop.

I'm still not 100% thrilled with the outcome, but it worked.

I'll end on a happy note. I took Patrick out to film his tavern scene, and he does this:

Yyou're supposed to be depressed!  No smiles!  But I can't help but love him.

That's all. I've found my muse, and chapter 7 is being written. Hopefully, it will be up within the next week or so.


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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 13th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
I know! I can totaly picture him saying, "Whatever dudes."
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