SilverBelle (silverbelle1220) wrote,


Well, I did it.

Phily, the youngest and last surviving member of generation 4, is gone.

(Oh, Phily, you have no idea how much this face sums it all up).

Philomena Bradford Thayer left us at the ripe old age of 84 Sim days.  She left behind a daughter (Jane Thayer Hutchins), three grandchildren (Asher, Octavia, and Raymond), and has three great-grandchildren on the way.

She's now in the Portsimouth Cemetery, next to her beloved Meadow.  I'm going to miss her a lot, but this was one of the reasons I was procrastinating.  So now, it's full steam ahead.  Tomorrow, the Seiff and Menon houses!
Tags: character: philomena, spoilers: character death, story: bradford legacy
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