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Generation 7 Kidlets

Well, I've been playing so I have some pictures I can share of some of the kids from generation 7.  You've seen some of them before, but they're a little more grown up now.

Anything behind the cut can be considered a spoiler, because I'm not done writing the chapter and am not 100% certain who'll be making an appearance.

This is Walter Gavigan, son of Harris and Cordelia Gavigan.  He's one of my mean ones (well, they're all mean this generation, excepting Nicky).  I think he's going to turn out to be rather handsome; luckily he got his mother's nose instead of his father's.

This is Audrey Pasang, daughter of Orson and Ivy Pasang.  Another mean one (I don't have my stats sheet near me at the moment).  But she is BEAUTIFUL.  A great blend of her parents.

This is Nancy Phoenix, daughter of Muriel (of my asylum fame) and Pierce Phoenix.  Other than her brow (which is Gavigan to the core), she lucked out genetically too.

This tyke is Clarence Alcott, born this rotation to Silas and Katherine Alcott.  I don't have my stats sheet in front of me, so I can't tell you anything about him other than he's a cutie.

This is Edith Hutchins, daughter of Asher and Vivian Hutchins.  She's just a baby, so I don't have her stats yet.

Here's Rosalie Seiff, Taddy and Calla's daughter as a child.

And (SPOILER) a new addition to the household,

Let me introduce you to Gilbert Seiff, son of Calla and Taddy.  He got the blond hair from his grandfather Jason Seiff, and the dark blue eyes from his mama.

Here he is a toddler.  Personality wise he's a clone of Rosalie, but he's got Taddy's nose while Rosalie has Calla's.  Still he's a cutie.

That's all I've got for now.  I've got a few more kids due this rotation and I'll share when I get them.
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