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Chapter 24 Picspam - Part 1

Behind the cut, you shall find picspam and outtakes from the families that didn't get a lot of airtime in the chapter.

Gavigan House
Ever wondered what I do with the stuff that doesn't fit in with the period game?

I stash it in an inaccessible attic.  I'm mean.

Walter is quite possibly, one of the cutest kids I've gotten to date.

So it's no wonder that he gets doted on.

And he looks pretty good as a child as well.  :)

Thompson/Pasang House
After the Pasangs "lost their house" to the Depression, they moved in with the Thompsons because their son Orson married the Thompson heiress, Ivy.  This was my way of consolidating the number of houses I played.

Every house needs someone who can sew, so they have clothes (though the sewing machine won't make outerwear or everyday separates.  Ooops).  In this house, it's Kea Pasang.  She's hard at work.

Somehow, I only managed to take a few pictures of Audrey.  Luckily, they were all of key milestones, like her toddler birthday...

...what she looks like as a tot...

And then as a child.  She's very pretty, and takes mostly after her daddy.

Phoenix House

Muriel is the designated sewer in this house.  She got up to a gold badge pretty quickly.

And this is little Nancy, who has the Gavigan brow (that thing WILL NOT QUIT, even after 7 generations), which is why she gets bangs.  Other than that, she's pretty cute.

And this picture shows that she has The Nose (I've been reading too many other legacies when I start to notice stuff like that).

She's not exactly the most enthusiastic person.  She never smiled when she showed off her first A+ report card.

Maurice Alcott House
Very few pics from here.  Katherine had a rough pregnancy, and I was fighting to keep her needs up.  So I was excited when:


The little guy is Clarence Alcott.

He's a Gemini 6/9/9/3/6, and his PDH is Fitness.  I can't decide who he looks more like yet.

Bear House

Here's Octavia Hutchins, on her way back to Simsfield after graduating.  I wish I could have let her keep this outfit, as it suits her rather well.

After she got to her new home, I made the executive decision to let her take her relationship with William Eldon to the next level before they got married, to lessen the generational sprawl by a day.  Neither of them complained.

Well, Octavia did the next morning.  Quick!  Downstairs to the wedding arch!

I'd forgotten to change the formal wear of the kids when the moved back from college before I went to shoot this, which is why in the chapter you only got the close up of the wedding.

And lastly from this house:

That's okay, Mildred.  You don't have to marry him.

Langerak House

One last shot of Lenora and Peter as adults.  They're the last couple of generation 5 to become elders.

And don't they look nice as elders?

Why all dressed up?

Ah, wedding time!  I can't wait to see what their baby looks like (he or she will be born during the spring rotation, along with the Bear baby).

Hutchins House

Phily, you lived so much longer than everyone else in your generation, even factoring in that you were the youngest.  You were awesome.  So, how did she spend her last day?

First she had to check out all the paintings that Meadow did.

Then she played Red Hands with Jane forever.

A quick game of tickle with her nephew/son-in-law (and ouch on putting your hand throught the window like that).

And despite the expression, a heart-fart of the granddaughter-in-law doesn't hurt (Phily has a thing for blondes).

Yes, all was right with the world.

Until this guy showed up.

Excatly how I felt, Victor.

Then, something bad happened:

My hula zombies glitched.  Badly.  And the game crashed, and I have no idea what happened.

So I ended up having to resurect Phily and kill her again, since her urn was gone.  Ugh.

And I think that triggered this:

Bad Asher!  Bad.  Grandma Phily DOES NOT WANT to be a zombie.

Let's move on to happier things, yes?

Vivian wished for Peace of Mind, since she wants something crazy like marrying of 6 kids (Family).  Oh, and look at her pretty glitched hat (thanks, Peggy).  I've fixed the mesh now so it should be okay.  Which is good, because it's an awesome hat that I'll get a lot of miles out of.

You know what Victor has on the brain.

Because you know what comes after this, right?


Baby time!

Aw, it's Edith Hutchins.  She won't toddlerfy until the next rotation, so I don't know anything about her yet.

Except that she's a cutie and has everyone wrapped around her little fingers.

She's got black hair (from Jane) and brown eyes (from Asher).  I can't wait to see who else she looks like.

That's all for Part 1 of picspam.  Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3.


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
Feb. 25th, 2012 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oh no on the glitching hula girls. Ugg poor you and poor Phily having to re-kill her. :(

At least there are some sweet weddings and cute babies to make up for it hey.
Feb. 26th, 2012 05:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the glitchy hula zombies did not make me too happy, nor did having to cheat the family a Bone Phone just to resurrect and then kill Phily. At least I was able to get her urn back, so I could send it to the cemetery with Meadow.

Yes, weddings and babies helped make up for it. I'm nearly done with kiddlets for this generation - only waiting on Mildred and Raymond and Octavia and William's kids to be born, and then generation 7 is complete.
Feb. 25th, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
Because Philly dying once wasn't bad enough!
Feb. 26th, 2012 05:24 pm (UTC)
Obviously not! It's like my game decided to flip me off when I finally managed to get up the guts to play it.
Feb. 26th, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
Inaccessible attics/basements are good for a lot of things - stuff you can't use, stuff you don't WANT your sims to use but that they want you to buy, poseboxes/simblender/random crap. I use apoc house roofs for that stuff, but in non-apoc houses...basements and attics are better.

Nancy's utter lack of emotion is highly amusing.

Phily. :(

Ouch on the hula zombies, but at least now we know they have underwear on under the grass skirts?
Feb. 26th, 2012 05:27 pm (UTC)
It's the best place to hide the stuff I can't use now (like career rewards and batboxes), but need/want for later. It just amuses me to see the colonial manor with all the stuff hiding upstairs.

Nancy is oddly expressionless. I even used the batbox to see if her face had glitched, but no. She just remains oddly blank at all times.

Phily. Indeed. :( sums it up rather well.

Yeah, I don't know what happened with the hula zombies. But I suppose it's good to know that they're wearing SOMETHING under their costumes.
Feb. 26th, 2012 02:48 pm (UTC)
I HATE gliched accessories! Honestly, why make them and put them up for download if they have to be fixed?
Feb. 26th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
It drives me batty too, especially since we know what causes it and it's pretty easy to fix. Thank goodness I found a tutorial on MTS...I just forget to check new stuff I've downloaded before I use it. Silly me for thinking that creators would get it right by now.
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )

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