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Generation Three Who's Who

As promised, here is some biographical information on Generation Three of the Bradford family.

Rhoda Gavigan London
Generation Three Cousin
Twin to Roger Gavigan

(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Rhoda)

As the elder of the Gavigan twins, Rhoda was always demanding. She was very forthright, and was not afraid to express her mind. She became the first woman in the family to attend school outside of Simsfield village when she went to Mrs. Seymour’s Finishing School, and she was the first woman in the family to hold a job outside of the home, becoming a redound artist.

Unlike her mother, Rhoda has little interest in her family. Her amorous nature resulted in the birth of her daughter, Edwina, but she takes great care to avoid having any more children.

Randy London
Generation Three Cousin’s Husband

Randy can best be described as traditional, though his wife would call him simple. He wants a happy home, but it seems his wife is more focused on her own wants than his. Randy’s dreams are often bigger than his motivations to make them reality. Rather than upset the delicate balance at home, he allows Rhoda to do as she pleases.

Randy went off to fight in the Simerican Civil War, but only because his friends Richard and Jimmy went as well. He was lucky and did not suffer any injuries, but he does not talk about his experiences with anyone.

Roger Gavigan
Generation Three Cousin
Twin to Rhoda Gavigan London

(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Primrose Bradford + Isaiah Gavigan = Roger)

If you had to find two words to describe Roger, they would be “steady” and “dependable.” He is quick to do what is expected of him, but he has ambitions of his own. Though he would never admit it to anyone, Roger is jealous that the Bradford name has come to carry more weight in Simsfield than the Gavigan name. After all, the Gavigans were colonial governors for years, until the Simerican Revolution. One of Roger’s ambitions is to restore the Gavigan name to its former glory. He intends on doing this by succeeding his uncle Elias as mayor of the town.

Anna Cleaves Gavigan
Generation Three Cousin’s Wife

Anna is a meek, sweet woman who is the epitome of a lady. She always gives to others, and never puts her own needs first. Her demeanor is what made Roger marry her, thinking she would be the ideal partner in his endeavors. You would not know it about her, but Anna has a quiet strength.

Sophia Thompson Phoenix
Generation Three Cousin
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Sophia)

In her younger years, Sophia took after her mother Nicole’s materialistic ways. She considered her college years a success because she “caught” a fortune-minded, ambitious man who was going to be a lawyer. It didn’t hurt that Jimmy Phoenix was also handsome to boot. Sophia, unlike her mother, had no desire to work for her own fortune. She took the opinion that her husband’s success was hers, and she worked to make the perfect home for him, and gave him a son.

Her attitude changed with the onset of the war. She suddenly realized that she cared for her husband, and not just the things that he could provide for her. Sophia was relieved when he came home safe, and didn’t care that his appearance had been marred with a scar. Her husband was delighted with his wife’s change of heart, and they decided to have another baby. The Phoenix family is now one of the happiest in Portsimouth.

Jimmy Phoenix

Generation Three Cousin’s Husband

Jimmy is a quiet, hard-working man. When he fell for Sophia, he knew that she was more attracted to his money and career ambitions than anything else. Still, he was hopeful that she would grow to have genuine feelings for him with time.

When he decided to go off to war to fight for the preservation of the Union, he was surprised and pleased to find that Sophia was genuinely more worried about whether or not he would come home than she was over the loss of income. He promised her that he would come back to her, and he kept that promise. Jimmy still works hard at his law firm, but balances it with spending time with his wife, son Cole and daughter Lorraine.

Thomas Bradford
Generation Three Heir
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Thomas)

As the long-waited for heir to the Bradford name, Thomas was somewhat spoiled in his youth. He liked the attention that he got, and worried about how his sister and brother would affect his position. His grandfather, who Thomas idolized, reassured him that as the heir to the family, he would always be of importance.

He fell hard and fast for Carolina Bui in college, and their passionate relationship lead to the eventual birth of six children, three sets of twins. His relationship with his brother, Patrick, was very strained because of a disagreement over the issue of states’ rights. Eventually, the pair was able to resolve their differences and become friends again. His devotion to family led him to try and be a surrogate father to his widowed sister Eliza’s children, but with six of his own, he really didn’t have the time.

Carolina Bui Bradford

Generation Three Heir’s Wife

Aside from Uma, Carolina is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. With six children, kindness and patience are two virtues that she needed, and she always had some to spare. Thomas knew this when he married her, but never ceased to be amazed at how she raised their children to be strong and capable.

Carolina lived a somewhat sheltered life before her marriage, and she had apprehensions about what being a wife meant. Luckily, her fears were unfounded, and she thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her married life. Her family is the center of her world, and she enjoys helping Uma with the task of keeping house. Carolina is grateful to have the support of her mother-in-law.

Eliza Bradford Alcott McCarthy
Generation Three Spare
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza)

Eliza grew up with her grandfather reading her fairy tales with princesses who were whisked off to castles by their handsome princes, and she thought that was how love was supposed to work. She found her Prince Charming in Horace Alcott, the dashing Southern gentleman. And she did have her fairy tale, until the war hit, and Horace died, leaving her a widow with twin boys to raise alone. Rather than deal with her anger at Horace for going away to war, she took her emotions out on her brother Patrick. She blamed him for her husband’s death, and banished him from her house. It was a shame, as the two siblings had always been very close.

Eliza did manage to find happiness again with George McCarthy, who was a childhood sweetheart of hers. She had initially rejected him down because he was a shopkeeper’s son, but has found that happiness comes in many forms. George has stepped in as a father figure to the boys, and has helped Eliza to realize how wrong she was to blame Patrick solely. The relationship between brother and sister will never be the same, but they are talking again, and visit regularly.

Horace Alcott
Generation Three Spare’s First Husband

Horace was the only child of a wealthy southern plantation owner. Upon his father’s death, Horace was forced to sell his family home to pay off debts. With no home and no prospects, he packed up and headed north to Massimchusetts and Simsfield to make a fresh start. The only connection to his old life that he brought with him was Mercy, a freed slave who was deeply loyal to the Alcott family. He was eventually able to build a home for himself.

While Horace didn’t believe in slavery, he did believe in states’ rights. During a speech in the coffeehouse, he met Patrick Bradford, a young man with great enthusiasm but little tact. Through Patrick he met Eliza, who he fell in love with at first sight. They lived happily, until Horace decided that he needed to fight for the state of his birth. He was killed in battle by a Union sniper, without ever meeting his sons.

Mercy Alcott
Generation Three Housemaid

Mercy was born as a slave, but was freed upon the death of Horace’s father. She knew nothing more than serving the Alcott family, so she went north with the boy who she had grown up with. She approved greatly of his marriage to Eliza, and even more of her twin boys.

Fiercely loyal, she sees her nosiness as “taking care” of her family. She dotes on both twins, but has a special place in her heart for Robert, who takes the lack of a father hard.

George McCarthy

Generation Three Spare’s Second Husband

George is the son of the general store owner who took a shine to Eliza Bradford as a teen. After her rejection, he worked hard to make a good life for himself, subconsciously hoping that she might change her opinion of him.

When they met again years later, Eliza was a widow with two young boys and George was running his father’s store, now his. Their courtship was quick, and George considers himself lucky to have proved himself worthy of her affections. He takes a genuine interest in the boys, and does on his daughter with Eliza, Amelia.

Rebecca Thompson Ryan

Generation Three Cousin
Twin to Richard Thompson

(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Rebecca)

Rebecca was a selfish and spoiled child, and her disposition has not improved with age. She married for money, and loves being lady of a big house, bossing around her servants, and spending her husband’s fortune on clothes and artwork. The one worry she has is that she was only able to produce one child, a daughter.

Timothy Ryan
Generation Three Cousin’s Husband

Timothy was a successful businessman in Portsimouth, but he moved to Simsfield and built a big house there because his mother-in-law couldn’t bear to be too far from her daughter. He has settled into “country life” fairly well, but is very happy that he can take a train into the city whenever he needs something.

Unlike his cousins, Timothy saw the war as an opportunity to make money. When he was drafted, he paid a worker from one of his factories to go in his place. He wishes that he had a son to carry on the family name, but knows that he is rich enough to pay a man to take his daughter’s name when they marry.

Richard Thompson
Generation Three Cousin
Twin to Rebecca Thompson Ryan

(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Phineas Bradford + Nicole Thompson = Richard)

Richard’s world revolves entirely around his family, much to his mother’s disappointment. He was best friends with his cousin Patrick for a long time, until they disagreed over states’ rights and slavery. Richard was a strong abolitionist, and wouldn’t hear about the difference between the two issues.

Richard went to war, and came back with no visible injuries. Before he left, he had married his high school sweetheart, Renee, who was just as family oriented as he was. They have two boys who are the center of their worlds.

Renee Johnson Thompson
Generation Three Cousin’s Wife

Renee wants nothing more than to be known as a devoted mother, and she has achieved that. She did not want her husband to go off to war, but she was determined to send him away with a smile on her face. Their years apart were hard on her, due in part to her strained relationship with her mother-in-law Nicole. She found an ally in Phineas, who helped her to bear the struggle. Now that her two boys are almost grown up, she is looking forward to grandchildren.

Patrick Bradford Turner
Generation Three Spare
(John Bradford + Chris Chase = Elias Bradford + Uma Chen = Eliza)

Patrick is stubborn, opinionated, willful and headstrong. As a teen, he latched onto the idea of states’ rights, and would pick a fight with anyone who disagreed with him. Many in town called him a “Southern Sympathizer” who believed in slavery, but that was not true. Patrick just felt that the states had more power than the national government. His point of view put him at odds with the rest of his family for years.

He finally found an ally in Horace Alcott, a former South Simolina resident who had moved north. Patrick was the driving force between Horace and his sister Eliza’s marriage. Not long after that, war broke out and Patrick went to fight for the South. Horace decided to follow, and was killed. Patrick felt responsible for his friend’s death, especially since he had tried to convince him to go home after receiving word of his sons’ birth.

Patrick ran away to Portsimouth where he hid for many years, most of which he spent in a drunken downward spiral. Things began looking up when he met Margaret, although their courtship was very untraditional. Their marriage of necessity became a love story, something that Patrick didn’t feel he would ever deserve. After the birth of his son and the meddling of his niece, he finally found the courage to go home. He is slowly mending things with his family, and has found a semblance of pease.

Margaret Turner
Generation Three Spare’s Wife

Margaret knew the Bradfords when she was a small girl in the village, and had always had a crush on Patrick. But he went off to school, her family moved to the city, and she forgot about him. Eventually she became engaged to a man who worked for the millionaire Timothy Ryan, but Mr. Ryan had offered a large sum of money for her fiancé to fight in Mr. Ryan’s place, and then her fiancé had been killed. Margaret used the money to get a teacher’s license, and was enjoying teaching school.

Her world turned upside down when she met Patrick years later. Her dreams came true when he paid attention to her, which is why she allowed him to take the liberties he did. She was terrified when she found herself unmarried and pregnant, but Patrick stepped up to his responsibilities. Margaret is Patrick’s match in many ways; she reassures him when he needs encouragement, and doesn’t allow him to wallow in self-pity. Their relationship has grown even stronger since he shared the entire story of why he was estranged from his family for years.
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