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Chapter 24 Picspam - Part III

Last round of picspam from the last chapter for you (I figured I’d better get it done before CreaMo starts, since that promises to be all-involved). So enjoy some pics from the main household.

So everyone’s having to sew their own clothes (excepting outwear or everyday separates, since the sewing machine won’t do those). As you know, Cindy is a townie that I made during the rebuild. Of all the things she could have come into the family with (skill-wise), she came with a Gold Sewing badge.

Do you understand why I love her so much? I was all worried about getting her sewing level up, and she’s already done it for me. *pets Cindy*

James and Cindy are, quite possibly, my most stalkery couple to date.

And I don’t even have ACR.

Plus, they do stuff like this when I’m trying to film. Yes, James. I get that you think your wife is hot. But can you stop with the heart-farts for five seconds????

Of course, they’re not the only lovey-dovey couple in the house.

Jefferson and Marsha give them some pretty stiff competition.

James felt the need to remind me this rotation that he does indeed have just one nice point.

Granted, I did need him to hug and be nice to people more than I usually do. But the fight with Marsha? Totally autonomous.

Now for a real outtake. The shooting scene was filmed entirely in a dummy hood with clones. I suddenly realized that James and Sterling needed wedding rings for consistency, but Cindy and Viola were not on the lot, for obvious reasons. So…

They married each other. It solved the problem.

Let’s have some Nicky spam.

He’s so awesome. And as an aside, why didn’t I have someone make kites sooner? They make for great pictures, and they boost fun at a fairly decent rate too.

And as many of you already know (and if you don’t, close your eyes) Alice and Nicky will end up together. She’s a sweetheart, and I can’t wait to show their relationship as it develops. I decided to introduce her a lot earlier than I normally do with spouses (most of my heirs pick their wife (or have her chosen by me) from the dormie pool or adult pool) because they’re going to be separated for a time when the War comes, and I wanted them to have a deep bond beforehand. Besides, it will be fun show how their relationship turns from childhood friends to sweethearts.

Alice is a Capricorn with only 1 active point, so I need to get her encouraged up to at least 3 so she’s not so slouchy, or find a hack that prevents the slouch. I do not like the slouch. Aspiration wise, I’m going to cheese her in college, since it’s the one gravestone I don’t have and it kind of fits with a 1950s housewife in my mind.

For plot purposes, I needed there to be 3 Bradford kids. So I fed Cindy cheesecake and crossed my fingers for a boy and a girl, since that’s what I had to have for the plots I have planned. Cindy is awesome, and she gave me exactly what I wanted.

Dorothy and Daniel being redheads was just a huge bonus. It’s the one positive contribution that Jan made to the legacy.

Of course, Marsha being Family and all, wasn’t satisfied.

No. You cannot have 20 grandchildren, Marsha. You already have 6 (Nicky, Dotty, Danny, Shirley, Howie, and Freddy), which is more than most of my Sims get. Be content with that.

And yeah, babies are boring so time for a birthday party.

These are the actually birthday pics – the ones in the chapter are staged, since Marsha and Jefferson couldn’t be bothered to join the party until it was almost over.

Dotty and Danny are both adorable. Dotty favors James, and Danny favors Cindy

Dotty is a Scorpio (10/3/9/9/1) just like James, and her PDH is Sports.

Danny on the other hand is a Capricorn (10/3/4/9/1), and his PDH is Games.

With two tots in the house and Sims with Family as their primary or secondary aspiration, there were lots of wants to teach skills. I divided them up to be fair. Marsha gets to do potty training (no pics of that), and Jefferson gets to teach nursery rhymes (no pics either).

James gets to teach them to walk.

And Cindy gets to teach them to talk.

And Nicky’s been busy entertaining his new siblings, but he really hit it off with Dotty.

They’re going to be best friends before I know it.

Lastly, a cute pic.

More interactions that I didn’t know about, since I don’t play with the OFB toys very often. But it’s so adorable.

That’s all the picspam from the last chapter. With CreaMo starting tomorrow, you’ll have some more in a little over a month’s time, since I’m determined to win it this year and get the next chapter out before the end of March.


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Feb. 29th, 2012 07:31 pm (UTC)
You know I have some of the hand made toys laying around. I really should put them where the kids can use them!

Your main house family is totally adorable. I'm already in love with Nicky and Alice and I can't wait to see how you grow their relationship. And yay for the exact combo you wanted in your twins! I love it when the game reads our minds.
Feb. 29th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
The toys are pretty great. Jefferson's got a bunch in his inventory that I'll pass along in through inventories until they're period appropriate. The animations are really cute.

Aw, thank you! Nicky and Alice are great, and I can't wait to show everyone how things between them change and grow. It's great when the game gives you want you want, because more often then not it does the exact opposite just to spite you! :D
Feb. 29th, 2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
James' reluctance to be nice for filming made me laugh :D
Feb. 29th, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there was a lot of "you want me to do WHAT" from him during filming. He does have just one nice point.
Mar. 1st, 2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
Oooh, good on Cindy! It suits her background to already have the badge, too.

I've definitely had sims married to the wrong sims for filming purposes. :P

Nicky + Alice = adorable.

Toddlers! Yay! :D
Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:04 pm (UTC)
IKR? She's been an awesome pick for a legacy spouse. I feel kind of bad that I just picked her based on aspiration and genetics now.

Yeah, I wasn't about to add Sims I didn't need in a dummy hood for consistency purposes.

Nicky and Alice are awesome together.

Cute toddlers make for great pictures. :D
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