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Outakes & PicSpam from Chapter 7

I've started writing the next chapter, so I felt the need to share some outtakes from Chapter 7.

All of generation 2 has now passed on.  I couldn't find a good way to fit the deaths other than Elias in the chapter.

Isaiah died at 79 days old.  Primrose was devistated.

She didn't die until the winter rotation, so those pics will be in the chapter 8 outtakes.

A lot of teenification going on.  This is Cole, son of Sophia and Jimmy.

I think he's a pretty dashing fellow. 

Cute picture for cuteness sake:

I miss Elias.  But he's following the family tradition of "living" on after death.

Dead sims and their beds.  It confuses me.

Poor Matthew took his grandpa's loss hard.  He cried forever.

Such a sad little boy.  Of course, less than an hour later, he was outside in the graveyard doing this:

No wonder my ghosts haunt so much!  Their descendants are "desecrating" the cemetery!

I had this whole elaborate scene planned out where Thomas goes to tell Phineas about Elias' death, but it just didn't fit into the main story.

And later that night, Phineas died at the ripe old age of 80 days.

Love the "who, me?" look he greats Death with.

More cute pictures.  This is Renee and Isaac.


Diana found her future husband via a well drop.  Lee Pasang, one of the teen downtownies.  They fight constantly, but are best friends.

Ah, young love.

Uma has taken to arguing with Thomas.  I don't know why.

"Don't you work your charisma on me, young man!"

Eliza's boys, Lawrence and Robert, are great.  Robert has taken after his mama and give me great faces.

He always has a sour expression on his face.  It works great with my plot that he's not too enthusiastic about his stepfather.

No matter what others might say, Eliza is a great mother.  She tucks her boys in almost every night.

Love it.

I thought about using this pic for the scene where George asks the boys for permission to marry Eliza, but it didn't make the cut.  Still I love it.

Again, Lawrence looks happy and Robert looks sullen.  I love your expressions, boys!

And Patrick is finally content.  He also became a Celebrety Chef and is perma-plat, so I think that helps too.  He always looks at Margaret with such reverence.

I'm glad that he's finally happy.  I think he's my favorite of generation 3.

And he's such a good father.

And Andrew is such a cutie, even if he is a slob.  Messy sims bother me even more than lazy sims, so I'm going to try to encourage him some more neat points. 

So that's what you missed in Chapter 7.  Chapter 8 is in the works, and will wrap up the plots of generation 3 so that generation 4 can take the stage.
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