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Sort Your Sims Drabble #1

Prompt: James and Cindy waiting at home for an owl to see what house Nicky or Dotty and Danny got into from lauriempress.

Preface:  Nick and the twins would probably be about 5 years apart in reality, if the stupid Maxis aging system made any sense.  So, for purposes of this story, Nick is a 7th year and Dotty and Danny are heading off for their 1st year.

The day had been a long one.  Cindy had been up at dawn, preparing breakfast with one hand and making sure that everything that needed to be in her children’s school trunks was in them with the other.  She’d coaxed Nick’s owl, Hibou, down from his perch in the apple tree and into his cage for the train ride, and then wrestled Dotty’s cat Nairne into her basket.  James was hardly any help at all; he never was when 1st September rolled around.  Secretly, Cindy wondered how his mother had managed to get him on the train and off to Hogwarts on time every year.

With all the last minute rushing about, it was a miracle they got out the door and to the train station with time to spare.  Once there, Nick had gone off in search of Alice, eager to show off his shiny new Head Boy badge.  Dotty and Danny, on the other hand, had clung to their parents’ sides, and merely waived to their friends as they saw them on the platform.

“It’s nearly time, James,” Cindy said as she glanced at the clock.  “We should get these two and their trunks on the train.”

Nick reappeared at that moment, and helped James heave the three trunks onto the train.  Nick hugged James and Cindy goodbye, and then hopped on the train and headed towards the prefect carriage.  James hugged the twins, and Cindy knelt down before them to place kisses on their foreheads.

“Remember to write us once you’re sorted and settled into your dormitories,” she said.  “Make sure Nick lets you borrow Hibou.”

“But what if we’re not in Hufflepuff with him?” Danny asked, the worry evident in his voice.

“Then use one of the school owls,” she replied.  “That’s what they’re there for.”

“Or what if we’re not together in the same house?” Dotty whispered.

“Well, in that case you’ll both just have to write to me,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.  “And you’ll both make new friends in your respective houses.”

“Exactly,” James replied.  “We’ll be happy no matter what house you end up in.  Unless it’s Slytherin.  Then, we’ll just have to disown you, I’m afraid.”

Cindy glared at James as she got up.  “Ignore your father’s Gyrffindor bias.  Even if you do end up in Slytherin, we’ll still love you.  And your cousin Rosalie will be there to show you the ropes, so you’ll do fine.”

“All aboard!” the conductor called.

“Up you go,” James said, helping Danny and Dotty on to the train.

“Have a safe trip,” Cindy said.  “Write often!”

“We will!” the twins promised in unison.

The whistle of the train blew, and it jerked forward into motion.  James and Cindy stood on the platform with the other parents of the first years, and waived until the train was out of sight.

* * * * *

The farmhouse was oddly quiet that night to two parents who were used to having their three children and their army of friends running in and out at all times of the day.  Cindy cooked far too much food for two people to eat, but she was used to cooking for the appetites of her two sons and their friends.

“I hope at least one of them ends up in Gryffindor – Taddy and Sterling will never let me hear the end of it if they don’t.”

“Reminding Taddy that he produced a Slytherin ought to shut him up pretty quickly,” Cindy pointed out.  “As for Sterling, I think Shirley getting into Gryffindor had more to do with her mother than her father.”

James laughed.  “Thanks, doll.  I’ll remember that.  Now, let me do the dishes tonight.  You go start the fire in the living room and open up some of the new elf-made wine I got the other day.  We’ll enjoy it while we wait for the owl from Nick letting us know where Dotty and Danny are, since I imagine they’ll be so excited they forget to write themselves.”  He flicked his wand, and the dishes levitated off the table and through the open door to the kitchen as he followed them.

A short time later, James and Cindy were relaxing on the sofa, James’ arm slung around Cindy’s shoulder.  The bottle of elf-made wine sat half empty on the table in front of them, along with two nearly empty glasses.

“I hope Nick doesn’t kill himself with his NEWTs,” Cindy sighed.  “I don’t understand why he’s going for more than what he needs.  Six!  Six!  Who goes for six NEWTs?  He’s crazy.”

James shook his head.  “How he ended up in Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw I’ll never know.  Arithmancy on top of Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Herbology and Defence Against the Dark Arts.  He's asking for a trip to the closed ward at St. Mungo's.”

“He’s a Hufflepuff because he works hard for his marks, and isn’t innately clever.  You know that as well as I do.  And your own father was a Hufflepuff, so I don’t know why you’re still so shocked about where your son ended up.  And if he hadn’t been in Hufflepuff, he never would have met Alice, who you adore nearly as much as he does.”

“Very true, my dear.  Well, it appears our wait is over,” James said as he pointed towards the window, where two owls had landed on the open window sill.  One of them was Nick’s great grey owl Hibou, and the other was an unknown brown one, more than likely a Hogwart’s owl.  Hibou carried two letters, and the school owl had one attached to its leg.

James got up from the sofa and untied the letters from the legs of the owls, and handed each of them an owl treat before they flew away.

“There’s three letters – one from each of them.  Which should we read first?”

“Danny’s,” Cindy replied.  “He was the most worried about where he’d end up.”

James sat down next to Cindy and began to read Danny’s letter.

Dear Mom and Dad,

If you hadn’t already guessed it by the fact that Hibou brought my letter, I’m in Hufflepuff with Nick.

James groaned, and Cindy playfully swatted his arm.  “Keep reading or give me the letter.

Dotty’s in a different house, but we promised each other on the train that if we got separated we’d let each other tell you the news of where ourselves.  So you have to read her letter to find out where she is.

The welcoming feast was amazing!  I’ve never had so much food before.  Nick says that the food isn’t as extravagant for normal meals, but I don’t care.  It’s not as good as your cooking, of course Mom.  But I think it’s easier to be nice when you have nice food to eat.  And our common room is right by the kitchens, so I’m hoping I can sneak something from them when I’m hungry.

I like Hufflepuff so far.  Everyone’s been really nice to me, and Alice is fussing over me worse that you do, Mom.  I’m excited to start classes tomorrow, except that I have History of Magic and Potions tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to.  I want to start flying lessons too, but I guess that has to wait a few weeks.  Maybe for next year we can get me my own broomstick and I can try out for the Quidditch team.  I think I’d like that.

It’s late and I’m supposed to go to bed so that I’m ready for classes tomorrow.  I’ll try to write often, but I’m sure I’ll be very busy.


James folded the letter.  “Another bloody Hufflepuff.  Sterling and Taddy will be unbearable.”

“Give me Dotty’s letter.  I’ll read that one while you bemoan the fact that your sons didn’t carry on the Gryffindor tradition.”

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m in Gryffindor!!!!!!!!!

James let out a noise of joy, and Cindy merely smiled as she continued.

The Sorting Hat chuckled when I put it on, and said it had been waiting for another fiery Bradford for some time now.  At first I was a little upset, because I wanted to be with Danny, but when I saw how excited Shirley was to have me in her house, I realized it would be okay.

The Fat Lady recognized me, Dad!  She said I looked just like you when you were a first year, except for my red hair.  I wish Shirley was the Prefect, but she can’t behave herself enough I guess.  I took the bed across the room from the door, just like you did, Mom.  The tower is so cozy; it almost feels like I never left home.

I think Nairne likes it here too.  She was curled up on one of the chairs in the common room, purring away when I got back from the welcoming feast.  I kind of wish I’d gotten an owl now, though, since I won’t be able to share Hibou with Nick and Danny.  Maybe next year?

Danny and I will have Herbology together, which is nice.  I hope we’ll be able to spend a little time together outside of class too.

I suppose that’s it.  I’m sending this with one of the school owls.  It seems to like me, so please give it a nice treat.  Hopefully I can use it again in the future.


“Well, our beloved daughter is a Gryffindor just like we were.  Are you happy?” Cindy asked.

“Over the moon,” James replied.  “At least ONE of them is made of the right stuff.”

Cindy raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.  “Shall we see what Nick has to say?”

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that Danny’s written, as he asked to borrow Hibou, but I’m not sure if Dotty has, so I figure I’ll tell you the news just in case she hasn’t.

Danny’s with me in Hufflepuff, and Dotty’s in Gryffindor like you two were.

After the Hat put Dotty in Gryffindor, both of them looked crushed.  I think they depend on each other more than they like to admit.  I’ll speak to Shirley tomorrow, and make sure that she keeps an eye on Dotty, and Alice and I will look after Danny.  I think they’re putting Gryffindor and Hufflepuff together for flying lessons this year, so they’ll have that in addition to a few classes together as well.

Being Head Boy is going to be a lot more work that I thought.  Can you do me a favor, Dad, and ask Uncle Taddy and Aunt Calla to tell Rosalie to ease up a bit?  I know she’s a Prefect and all, but she’s on the verge of abusing her privileges.  The first years are just eleven, after all.  They shouldn’t have to be decorous all the time.

On that note, I’ve decided that I’m not going for my NEWT in Arithmancy after all.  I figure I’ll have my hands full with the other five.  Besides, as Alice pointed out, I’ll end up hating Arithmancy if I study it much more.  I know Professor Integer will be disappointed, but I’m sure she’ll understand.

I’ll write as often as I can, and I’ll keep an eye on Dotty and Danny for you.  See you at Christmas.


PS – Can I invite Alice for Christmas?  She was complaining about spending another holiday at school on the train.

Cindy sighed as she folded Nick’s letter.  “They’re all grown up now.”

“We could still have another,” James said, wagging his eyebrows at her.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said.  “You were the one who said three was more than enough.  It’s just a little sad.  So much of their lives will be lived away from us.  I’ll miss seeing Dotty when she transfigures her first teacup, and when Danny explodes his first potion.”

“I’m sure we’ll hear all about it from them.  Many times.  As long as we don’t get any letters from their heads of house, I’ll be happy.”

“Well, with the two of them separated, they won’t be able to get into too much trouble, I would hope.”

James laughed.  “Doll, these are MY kids we’re talking about here.  Sooner or later, they’re bound to get into trouble, together or not.”

* * * * *

Because I'm a visual person, you can check out Nick's owl or Dotty's cat if you want.


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Apr. 20th, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
Awww, sweet! I'm glad you answered why Nicky's not in Ravenclaw, cause it was my first thought for him - and of course Jefferson was a Hufflepuff and James was a Gryffindor!

It's interesting how many sim twins wouldn't be the same house, isn't it?
Apr. 21st, 2012 11:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! Yeah, I did a sorting quiz for each of the characters feature. When Nick came up as Hufflepuff, I was a little confused, but then I realized it fit. He's not clever, per say, but he's willing to work hard. And yes, Jefferson is a typical Hufflepuff and James is TOTALLY a Gryffindor.

It really is interesting how many twins wouldn't be in the same house. When I look at my gen 4, none of those twins would be in the same houses. It's funny how that works.
Apr. 20th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
I told you this before, but this is awesome!
Apr. 21st, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Thank you!!!
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