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Chapter 25 Picspam - Part 3

It's later than I wanted, but hopefully cute pictures will make up for that fact.  So, let's see some picspam from the main house.  In case you couldn't tell by the icon, it's going to be Nick and Alice heavy.

But since they hardly got any airtime in the chapter, we'll start with Danny...

...and Dotty.  Well, they're not really getting a lot of picspam either.  I do feel kind of bad, but it's been a while since I've had twins in the main house where I can't cheat, and I forgot what a pain taking care of them can be.  Especially before they're potty trained.  So there are only a few shots of them as toddlers, and even fewer as kiddies.

I actually had to reshoot the birthday, because wrangling two toddlers to a cake at the same time is a pain.  This is their real birthday.  Note that Danny's candles aren't lit - James put him down in favor of seeing Dotty grow up first.

And then James was good and took Danny to his cake.

And here they are as children.  They really look alike, despite the fact that Dotty favors James and Danny favors Cindy.  I think it's the fact that they both have James' nose.  But Dotty is pretty much a clone of Nick, feature-wise, meaning she has Jan's mouth.  Danny definitely has Cindy's.

Okay, so what else went on, aside from adorable Nick and Alice?

More gardening.  I found a hack that is awesome.  It removes the sparklies from food with fresh ingredients, for one, and it also removes the "nutritional boost" foods got, meaning that anything more than mac & cheese or a sandwich left your Sims stuffed after a few bites.  So now I don't feel bad about stocking the fridge with the harvest.

And Marsha and Jefferson continue to be adorable.  But of course, they're both getting up there in age.  As much as I'm excited about redheaded Nick and Alice babies, I'm going to miss these two.

Okay, time for Nick spam.

Nicky...er...Nick, is so cute.  Can you blame Alice for falling for him?

Oh, and this is awesome:

All autonomous, too.  James is a great father.

But Serious!Nick is serious.  When Phily was learning to play, she was all smiles.  Not Nick.  Nick is Serious.

Birthday time!

Alice is excited because she'll get to grow up too.

Yes, Nick, you have muscles.  And look at proud Grandma Marsha in the background there.

And Alice is impressed with her new physique as well.  (Oh, and Marsha and Calla are fighting over something.  I like to think Marsha doesn't approve of Calla dying her hair).

The teenagers size each other up.  I didn't let Nick do any romantic actions - not just yet.  I had plans, you see.  So Nick remained oblivious a little while longer.

I did let them play together some, so that their relationship score would continue to go up.

These two are great for filming at times, because they look at each other whenever the other's in the room.

Of course, Alice is a finger-gunner, so I have to make sure not to show that.

But she makes great faces, so I can forgive her (really, isn't she great?)

Shirley, Alice, and Rosalie are going to to through quite a lot together, so I wanted to establish their relationship.  Shirley is the instigator of the bunch, and Rosalie is the stickler for propriety.

"Hey now!  You say that like it's a bad thing!  Proper behavior is important."
Well, it is.  But you're going to be a bit of a bitch about it, Rosalie.

Oh, and Nick does befuddled quite well.

So, Alice is adorable.  And she got to have two first kisses with Nick; one in the dummy hood, and one on the main lot that I'll show you shortly.  First, a few outtakes from the staged scene from the chapter.

(Yikes!  I hope Alice's mouth wins out over Nick's in their kids.)

Okay, who are you talking about, Alice?  So far, we have no need for tilty-hands in your generation (but then again, not everyone's a teenager yet, so do you know something I don't?)


So that was the staged get-together.  What happened when I really let them get together?

Yay red heart for Alice!  Nick got one too, but I missed it.

Nick: "So, wanna be my girlfriend?"


Oh, thanks for ruining my shot, random fugly-dressed townine.  Or AL...person.  Either way, we're in the 1930s, and that is not appropriate attire, TYVM.  Now get off the lot.

<3  That is all.

So they're going steady.  Kind of hard to see, but yes, Nick got angry red hearts for going steady.

Because Nick is Fortune/Romance.  So he Struts.  It's kind of fitting, because that's a combination of James and Cindy's asprirations.

So I'll leave you with this.  Nick and Alice being romantic.  I can't wait to tell more of their story.


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May. 16th, 2012 10:03 pm (UTC)
Aww Nicky, sorry, Nick and Alice are gorgeous!

And I so need that gardening hack!
May. 17th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
:D Nick does not like to be called Nicky, no. Only his mama can get away with it, and only once in a while. But yes, he and Alice are lovely together.

The hack is by Boiling Oil, and can be found here: http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=922
May. 20th, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the link!
May. 17th, 2012 01:55 am (UTC)
Aw, you have four adults/elders, only one of whom has a job, twins can't be THAT terrible! But yay toddlers!

God, you just barely finished losing gen 4, it's weird to see gen 5 already starting to go.

I really like Alice's teen outfit, btw.

Can't wait for more!
May. 17th, 2012 04:17 pm (UTC)
Well, yes, there are plenty of adults, but Jefferson has become a queue-dropper in his old age, and doesn't take direction well. Add that to Marsha's need to always be holding a toddler (Family to the core, still), and it gets a little chaotic. But they're kids now, so I can relax a little.

I know... :( Of course, Phily lived a crazy long time, so she threw the balance off a bit. I've been playing the summer rotation a bit, and gen 5 is going to start going very quickly.

I like Alice's outfit too. It might be a little too 40s/50s in actuality, but it suited her so I went with it. It is my version of history, after all. :P

I'm working on it! I want to keep the story going too.
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