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Chapter 26 Picspam Part II

Have some picspam from the “first circle” families, including the Seiffs, the George Alcotts, and the Cyrus Bradfords.


As you may know, I made some custom engagement rings for my ladies that get a lot of airtime. This is Calla’s: a pretty, art-deco style with a golden-colored center stone as was popular during that era. But what’s missing? Oh, yeah. Her wedding ring. No, I didn’t install the invisible ring hack (as only the important ladies get fancy rings). So what was up?

Sideways ring glitch! The entire family was suffering from it. I tried to fix by changing outfits, which didn’t work, so I had to delete all the adults to reset them.

Can you tell Taddy and Calla are Romance Sims?

But it worked! Rings are fixed!

I also decided I wanted the main couples to have pretty wedding pictures to put in their houses. This is Taddy and Calla’s.

Gilbert is an excellent student (one of the fastest A+s I’ve had).

Of course, that’s because he always does his homework, no matter what’s going on around him or where he is.

But he does make time for fun. He’s got quite the boot collection going on.

Though I nearly lost him via the SoWo since he stayed outside in the summer sun too long. Luckily, Grandma Lizzie was able to make a batch of lemonade to cool him off, and all was good.

Speaking of Lizzie, I knew she was going the first day of the rotation this time around. Lizzie was awesome, awesome, awesome, and I knew losing her would be hard. So, on her last day, I let her do whatever she wanted.

Which pretty much meant she spent the entire day playing with her family.

Lizzie might not have had the best early years, but she did get to live a long, and happy life.

And then Grimmy came. From the pictures, you can tell that I staged her death for the chapter. Why? Well, the dining room is oddly laid out (I really need to gut the first floor and rearrange it), so I got far too much of this:

“You’re in my way!!!”

So this was the one decent shot I got from her actual death.

And of course, Taddy needs to heartfart his wife at the most inappropriate moments. *sigh*

So in Lizzie’s absence, Calla took over the gardening duties. Mostly it consisted of getting the last harvest and making sure the fruit tree are pruned, as they’ve got plenty of food in the inventories to last them a while.

And since I knew that Jason was going the day after Lizzie, I let him enjoy some family time too.

Though some family members find games a bit too frivolous.

And others can’t keep their hands off each other.

I love that Marsha is still thinking about grandbabies even when she’s a walkby.

And then it was time for Jason to join Lizzie.

Jason, you were an awesome spouse to Lizzie, and your mouth will live on for many more generations.

“Dad’s dead. Let’s dance!” *headdesk*

And then it was time for Gilbert to become a teenager. I guess I don’t have any pics of him as a teen that I didn’t use. But imagine a blond Taddy, and you’ve got a good idea of what he looks like.

George Alcotts

Sterling and Viola’s wedding pictures! :)

And Viola’s art deco engagement ring, made of ruby and diamonds.

George really did retire, as I wanted him to be able to spend his last days with Melanie.

I liked Shirley’s hair, but it was a bit young for her. So I found this one, which I love for her, since it kind of looks like she might have cut it herself, and I can totally picture Shirley taking a pair of scissors to her hair in a moment of frustration. And it’s wavy, and Shirley’s got that from her mama.

Viola’s painting a bit again, though many of her works of art still end up in the attic. I’ll let her sell it again in a few “years.”

Have I mentioned that I have a lot of mean Sims in generation 7? Yes?

Grilled Cheese (Secondary) Sims Unite!

I find it kind of fitting that Howie is interested in astronauts, since the Space Race will happen during his lifetime.

George and Melanie enjoyed their last days together quite a bit. Even though I wrote Melanie as a bit of a pain (okay, more than a bit), she was a pretty great Sim to play. And George adored her, and she him.

I think she knew what was coming. :(

Goodbye, Melanie. You’ll be missed.

But everyone cheered up, as it was time for Howie’s birthday.

He’s a handsome lad. And I think he knows it too.

Cyrus Bradfords

Cyrus and Georgianna’s wedding picture.

In case you’ve forgotten, Cyrus too is Romance.

Not that I think Georgianna minds one bit.

Their want panels usually match up pretty well.

Someone rolled the want for Freddy to get into private school, so I had them invite the headmaster over. Score was borderline, so I had Georgie get into the hot tub, knowing headmaster and the bonus points would soon follow. Of course, with her 10 outgoing points, Georgie hot tubs naked. So I think we all know exactly why Freddy got into private school. :p

Just an average day in the household.

Freddy rolled Family, so I decided to check out the female townie pool to see if there was anyone who looked interesting. Uh, really? Rosalie? Even if there was no age difference, do you REALLY think I’d subject one of my Sim relatives to her?

So that’s all for round 2. Round 3 should be posted momentarily, as I’m using public WiFi due to my ISP FAIL.


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Jul. 14th, 2012 01:23 am (UTC)
Oooh, love the black and white photos!

Howie could totally become an astronaut. :P

Haha, love the hottubbing naked getting the kid into private school.

And ouch on the wifi. :(
Jul. 14th, 2012 11:33 am (UTC)
Thanks! It's so cool to see them in the houses. Makes them feel more homey.

Howie could be an astronaut indeed.

I swear that naked hottubbing is why the headmaster said "yes" in the end.

Yeah, messed up internet is no fun, but I got a yummy frozen coffee...something out of it
Jul. 14th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
I love the details you put into your game like the wedding photos!
Jul. 14th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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