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Aug. 29th, 2012 10:22 pm (UTC)
I really liked this chapter and all the build-up to the war. Also I liked how just like with some of the previous big events in the story that you presented different sides of the issue (the Isolationists, the people who wanted the country to get involved, etc.)

I'm both excited and terrified to see what happens to these families during the war.
Sep. 4th, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Working the real history into the chapters is always a challenge, so I’m glad you liked it. I try to give the different perspectives because I feel it’s important to show all the sides to the story, even if I do skew things a certain way.

The war will probably be exciting and terrifying for a lot of different reasons. I can’t wait to tell the story.

Thanks for the comment.
Sep. 2nd, 2012 10:26 am (UTC)
Ahhhhhh!!! That was an amazing build up! I really liked seeing everyone's differing opinions and the updates of what was happening over in Europe. Props to you for all of the detailed research and careful planning that went into this update!

That said I'm even more nervous for all of generation 7 now! I really, really hope that Nick makes it home okay!

Awww...goodbye Jefferson! He had a good long run and I'm sure it was hard on him to be the last one left. At least he won't have to watch his family suffer through the war.

Yay for marriage proposals! Glad to see good things happening even in dark times. Alice will be thrilled (and Cindy is going to love her new coat!)

Great chapter as always. I'm both excited and scared to see what happens next!
Sep. 4th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
:D Thanks! I tried to include as many different perspectives as I can. I had to include the updates on Europe, as what’s going on there (and in the Pacific) will affect the legacy more directly next chapter. It was a lot of research and a LOT of outlining, but I figure if I’m going to do history, I’m going to do it right.

I’m kind of glad to hear how nervous everyone is for the war and who won’t make it back. It means that I’ve done my job as the writer and have made you get attached to the characters.

It was hard to let Jefferson go…I always felt like I kind of gave him the short end of the stick, with his parents and then his almost-wife. It probably is a good thing that he won’t be around to see the war and how it affects the family.

Yay marriage proposals indeed! I can’t wait to do the actual proposal, and to have a wedding and make Alice a Bradford for real. And yes, Cindy will love her new coat.

Thanks for the comment!
Sep. 9th, 2012 10:21 pm (UTC)
This update definitely had a gloomy feeling to it for the buildup to the war and the end of Jefferson's life.

Taddy doesn't strike me as the sort of person who cares that much about current events, so his isolationist attitude makes more sense. Same with Calla. On the other hand, it's natural that Nick is invested in the war. It isn't so much that he'd have to serve as that he really does care about the world around him being a good place.</p>

I honestly don't expect everyone to be as affected by the Holocaust (at this stage) as Nick and Alice. Personally, I'm glad that the main characters do feel that way, but I also know that Jews were not popular in the United States in the late 30s. So this is a subject on which I've been hoping for the best, but am expecting the worst, if that makes any sense.

I think it's great that you show your sims listening to the fireside chats!

It is certainly honorable of the boys to want to fight at this stage. I hope they stay that way.

I think it's funny that Rosalie's making a list of eligible bachelors. It completely suits her. I think this update humanized her a lot--it must be hard to be the only serious one in that family. I'm surprised that she chose Bruce, though. He appears to be up to something. Maybe she just sees what she wants to?

Danny is just amazingly calm. Like Dotty, I don't know how he does it.

Poor Jefferson sounds guilty for having survived this long. It's awful to be outliving all your friends and cousins in such hard times.

I also liked seeing Nick update the ring without changing it completely. Put that together with the possibility of a female heir after Nick, and I think the Bradfords are going to deal perfectly well with modernity.

Sep. 10th, 2012 09:34 pm (UTC)
Gloomy is a great way to describe the chapter.

You pegged Taddy pretty well. Unless something affects him directly, he could care less. It is very natural for Nick to be invested. He does want everything to be good, and for people to do the right thing. But I think he’s enough of a realist to know that’s not always what happens.

The Holocaust will play a role in the story, though no, not everyone will be as affected as Alice was when she heard the news. It’s been a bit of a challenge to incorporate it into the story, as it’s tough to find out who knew what when. To me, it made sense for Nick and Alice to be upset by it, as they want everyone to be treated fairly and well. I don’t think I could do a World War II story without covering the Holocaust. You make perfect sense, and I hope you like (if that’s the right word) what I’ve come up with. And feel free to PM me with any specific questions or concerns.

The fireside chats are so integral to tying the story together. I’m so glad Lark suggested that I write a drabble about it for CreMo.

It is honorable that the boys want to fight. Of course, their opinions will change when they find out what war really is like.

It is very much like Rosalie to make a list of who she could potentially marry. I’m interested to see that you thought she was more humanized in this update. She is the only one who worries about the propriety of her family, though she doesn’t always go about it the right way. She definitely sees what she wants to in Bruce. He’s from a good, respectable family, and he’s got the right amount of ambition. But you’re right to keep an eye on him.

Danny is very calm. I’m not quite sure how he does it either, to be quite honest.

Jefferson was a bit guilty about how long he lived. And yes, he hated the fact that all his friends and cousins were gone; the rest of his family was great but they didn’t have the shared experiences.

:D As I made a shiny custom ring for Alice to wear, I had to work it into the story somehow. It’s going to be fun to transition the family into modern times. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Thanks for commenting.
Sep. 30th, 2012 02:21 pm (UTC)
Commenty catch up time!

[Commentses]It doesn't surprise me that Sterling is the most concerned with world events and Taddy the least, with James more interested in how they directly impact his family. Sterling has always seemed the most...not political, but interested in the wider world? While Taddy really hasn't been, and James is all about the family. Similarly for Cindy, Viola, and Calla - again, it doesn't surprise me at all that Calla isn't really interested in the war at all.

George. :(

Yay college! It makes baaaaaaaaaaaaaabies that much closer. :D :D :D

I mentioned this in private IM, but I really liked how you covered Kristallnacht. It was really the major sign - and certainly the first one obvious to non-Germans - of what was about to happen. I'm with Lily here: I think you're doing a good job of covering the Holocaust. It's not an easy topic, and it's obviously not one that's going to impact most of your sims personally - they're American and have been for generations, they're not Jewish or gypsies or gay or any of the other categories that were locked up, so obviously they're not going to be in concentration camps. On the other hand...you can't cover World War II well without covering the Holocaust. As the granddaughter of survivors, it still impacts my life, so it's good to see it covered with respect.

As a slightly related question, are you going to cover the Japanese American internment camps? It wasn't anywhere near the scale of the Holocaust, of course, and much more centered in the western part of the country - and your sims are all easterners - but it was still a terrible thing that our country did to its own citizens.

I see Alice isn't planning on holding a job after she gets married - it'll be interesting to see if that changes, especially with the war coming. I assume the next generation will start having feminists, so there'll be more women working - and planning to work from the beginning.

I'm not surprised the parents are very worried about the possibility of their sons fighting, especially as we know you're planning to kill at least one and injure at least one. On the other hand, I can't blame the sons for wanting to protect their country - especially since they've grown up with a lot of the effects of World War I. Walter is right about World War I not having any winners - but that also meant it didn't have a clear enough ending, unfortunately for everyone.

*shakes head* Oh, Rosalie. Why am I not surprised she's making a list of eligible bachelors? Also, trying to force marriage on her brother, who is...Romance or Pleasure, right? I'm not surprised her parents are both not of the caring since they only got married themselves because they felt they should.

Bruce...is interesting. I'm curious to see if he actually does go to war or if he finds a way to get out of it, because he strikes me as that type - he'd pay someone to take his place if it were legal, which I don't think it is at this point, or he'd feign an illness or something. They'll be a very classic 1950s couple, though, and it'll be interesting to see how that impacts their kids.

Cheese! I spot Alice with her cheese! :D

Aw, poor Dotty. I hope she does get to go to Europe when this is all over, though now is obviously not a good time. And I guess it's good that Danny is planning? Sucks that he has to plan for war, though.

:( Poor Jefferson, being the last one left - other than the true youngsters of the generation. It's sad to see them all go, and know that his time is coming soon. Also, :( for Victor.

Jefferson. :( It sucks to see him go.

Yay engagement! And yay Cindy's new coat!

It'll be interesting to see gen 6 turn into elders, which has got to be happening soon, hasn't it? They're all too old to really fight, anyway.

Can't wait for more, though at the same time, not sure how much I want to see the bad stuff coming from the war!
Oct. 2nd, 2012 12:07 pm (UTC)
You’ve got the six of them pegged pretty well. By nature of what he does, Sterling has always kept one eye on current events, while Taddy could care less. James and Cindy worry about what it will mean for their kids, and Viola and Calla follow their husband’s lead.

This chapter was pretty bad with generation 5 loses. :(

Weddings come after college but before baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies. We’re still in the 1940s, after all. :P

As you said, you can’t tell the story of World War II without dealing with the Holocaust. But it is a tough subject by nature, and also because, in the context of the legacy, there’s no direct tie in (as you also mentioned). Throughout the rest of this story arc, I’ll be including more of it, and I hope that the way I handle it will continue to garner your respect.

As with a lot of the WWII history, I’ll be talking about the Japanese American internment camps, but I don’t think it will really feature past that.

No, Alice isn’t planning on working once she’s married. It’s still not “proper” for married women to work, though unmarried ladies are certainly getting more opportunities than their mothers did. During the war, things will be different of course because of the lack of men to do the work. All kinds of women will be working then – there was a whole campaign by the government to encourage it. Nick & Alice’s children and all of generation 8, however, will be part of the feminist movement, and the issue of women working will definitely be at the forefront.

The war will definitely be harder for those who are left at home (parents, wives, and girlfriends) than it will be for the boys who go off to fight. Though once the boys get a glimpse of what war really is, I’m sure they’ll second-guess their initial enthusiasm. *nods* Yes, World War I was a big reason that World War II happened; it’s almost as though it was the same war, with a halftime in between.

Rosalie is something. Gilbert is Pleasure/Popularity, and wants to be a Professional Party Guest like Taddy. He’s a lot like his parents and not at all in a rush to get married or even find a significant other, but Rosalie wants everything to be just so. You’ll see more of this in the next chapter.

Bruce is very interesting. If this were the Civil War, he would totally pay someone to take his place (which was legal). He is not as enthusiastic about the possibility of going to war as some of the others are, but as he said he will do his duty. He and Rosalie will make quite the classic 1950s couple, yes. And you know that I’m going to make one of Rosalie’s kids a hippie, just to mess with her. ;)

Yup! Alice has started on eating her cheese! I’m hoping to make a good dent in the number before she graduates.

Poor Dotty indeed. She will get to travel, eventually. It is good that Danny is planning, yes, but it does suck that he has to plan for something such as a war. I wanted to highlight how, even though they’re twins and very similar in a lot of ways, Dotty and Danny are two very different people.

I was really sad when I realized Jefferson would be the one of the last of generation 5 to go. I can’t imagine that it was easy to watch all his friends and contemporaries go before him, and that it would have been very lonely for him, even with his kids and grandkids around. :( for Victor indeed.

And :( for Jefferson too.

:D I can’t wait to finally get Nick and Alice engaged (and then married)! Yes, Cindy’s new coat will be featured in the next chapter, as will a little something else that James has in mind for her.

Generation 6 will becoming elder soon, yes. I’m adding Di’s aging hack so that I can keep everyone in better proportion with ages (ever since I started messing with “real” dates not having the Sims aging realistic has been bugging me like crazy), so I’ve had to elixir gen 6 to keep them from elderfying until it works out. But yes, they’re all too old to fight but they’ll help the war effort in other ways.

The war comes to Simerica in the next chapter, yes. I promise there will be some good stuff mixed in with the bad too.

Thanks for the comment. :)
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