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A Bradford Trailer Park Challenge

Because all the cool kids are doing one, I jumped on the Trailer Park Challenge Bandwagon. I’m sure the founder and his wife will be very familiar to you.

Yes, Matthew is my founder. I keep coming up with new ways to make his life miserable. After all, he deserves it.

And here’s his house. Pretty basic and he has next to no money left, but it will suit his basic needs.

I sometimes forget that Matthew is uber-playful. At least he can get his fun bar filled without any form of entertainment in the house. Okay, out of the tub and to a community lot! We need to get you a wife.

As you can see, Matthew is Matthew no matter what ‘hood I put him in. The lady I have in mind for him was a no-show, so I sent him back to his lot to check the paper for jobs (slacker on the first day-WIN) and to see if she showed up as a walk by. Not so lucky there.

The next morning I sent him to the local WalMart, to get his obligatory photo booth portrait for the wall.

And there she was! His intended, who you may recognize as Jan Danaher, the dormie I married him to in the legacy. Since she was just as bad (if not worse) than Matthew, I figured she deserved to suffer along side of him, so I made her into a townie.

What better place to get to know each other than the bathroom?

After he got home from work, and a few phone calls to get their relationship score high enough, I had him invite Jan over. Pink crush hearts FTW!

And then an autonomous ACR first kiss.

And then ACR kicked in, and there were purple hearts.

Jan moved in, bringing more than $5,000 with her, so we got a truck and a little something else.

Expensive telescope! I have plans on making Matthew contribute to the required pregnancies. *evil cackle*

Now that Jan’s moved in, let’s get started on the pregnancies so I can have them get married.

First try, and she’s puking. Only a matter of time before she pops.

And we have a bump. You know what that means.

That’s right, wedding tiem!

We have a fruit punch barrel, so it must be a party.

A wedding in front of a truck. I don’t think it get more TPC than that.

Looks like they tied the knot just in time.

We have a nooboo! It’s a girl with brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a custom S2. Her name is Lizzie Beth.

Matthew is busy stargazing so that he can have a nooboo of his own. So far, no luck.

Jan went and got her picture taken, so photobooth photo requirement is set for the founding generation.

Oh look! A birthday. Let’s see what Lizzie Beth looks like.

Shockingly like Lizzie from the legacy. She’s a Capricorn like her daddy, and her stats are 10/5/3/10/7.

Further proof that Jan is an *awesome* mother.

As Matthew continues to defy me and won’t get abducted, I let ACR let them try for baby. It worked.

Matthew worrying over one of his daughters. I never thought I’d see the day.

And here’s daughter number 2, Norma Jean.

And let’s grow her up, as babies are boring.

Norma Jean is has brown hair, blue eyes, and a custom S1. She is a Virgo, 10/3/10/4/8.

And Lizzie Beth is now a kid, which is a relief as toddlers can be a PITA when there’s a lot of them.

I didn’t know that a kid can teach toddlers nursery rhymes if they know it. Too cute. And useful.

As it’s time for the first yard sale! Here’s a kid, buying a stove that he can’t even use. Go figure.

He’s not impressed with Matthew’s lack of cashiering skills.

And now that the yard sale’s over (mildly successful, got about $500 but there wasn’t a lot to sell as there was no time for digging and such), it’s back to stargazing.

Somewhere along the line, Jan got knocked up for a third time.

And baby number 3 is ready to arrive.

Another girl! This is Peggy Sue, and she’s a redhead! Squee!!

Seeing as how illegitimate pregnancies are worth more points, Jan made friends with one of the AL sport townies already in her relationship panel.

And along the way, we adopted Grace, who Norma Jean is snuggling. I didn’t realize it, but Grace is OLD. So she’s living on a steady diet of Kibble of Life until we get enough money to adopt another dog or two, or can get another stray to move in.

I’m very proud to report that all the toddlers learned all their skills. Though it kept Matthew and Jan very busy.

On Peggy Sue’s birthday…

Jan will into labor with her spawn with Neil Cameron.

And we have a boy! This is Carson, and he’s blond with dark blue eyes.

Not to be forgotten, Peggy Sue is a Pisces 8/1/10/3/8. And she’s stinky and sad here.

Oh, and Norma Jean became a kid too. It was a busy night.

Jumping ahead to Carson’s birthday.

He’s adorable. I love the nose that comes with the Koemi template. He’s an Aquarius, 5/7/6/7/10.

What’s the matter Matthew? Not having any fun? *evil cackle*

I don’t understand why. ACR let you and Jan ‘hoo like crazy. Though she gets knocked up each time. For those keeping track, this is number 5.

And Matthew and Jan finally have a boy! This is Junior, and he has brown hair, dark blue eyes, and the custom S2 I have.

And Peggy Sue is now a kid.

As is Carson.

And Junior is ready to become a tot. And I seem to have to pics of him as a tot. Well, take my word that he’s cute, and that he’s a 9/3/7/9/7 Cancer.

Grace met a skunk and got sprayed. As if I don’t have enough trouble keeping the dog from being stinky.

I’m beginning to think he’ll never get abducted.

What’s this? GENIE LAMP, FTW! This is very important for one reason.

Matthew and Jan are both permaplat now, making them much easier to deal with. Huzzah!

Aliens, Carson? Are you a prophet of some sort?

YES!!! Green nooboo coming right up!

And as long as we’re doing supernaturals, Carson decides to play with the Leader of the Pack.

Welcome back, Matthew! I hope it wasn’t too traumatic for you.

Aw, I guess it was. *evil cackle*

I think I need no words.

Yup, Matthew’s officially alien pregnant, and I couldn’t be happier.

Though this picture might suggest otherwise. My simself is in the ‘hood, you know to keep an eye on things, and I guess she’s the telescope slapper.

Matthew broke the TV, so it’s outside with the hope that I can sell it at the next yard sale.

I’ve also had Jan digging for treasure. 3 of those blue vases at $1,800 apiece at ridiculously cheap. *crosses fingers for doublewide money*

Yes, Matthew? Something happening?

Not one, but two alien nooboos. Yes, Jan had enough cooking points to make cheesecake.

This is Lepus. Alien skin and eyes, and Matthew’s brown hair.

And this is Lyra. Alien skin and eyes again, and the PT’s black hair.

Here’s Junior as a kid. No idea why his hair went blond as a kid.

That’s better!

With 2 adults, 5 kids, and 2 babies, it’s very crowded in the trailer. I really need the yard sale to go well.

I know I’m getting flamey though bubbles because he’s still furious with me about the telescope slapping, but I like to think he knows I’m torturing him.

Fishing is great for food, and great for making friends.

Some are good at it.

Some are not.

Time for the aliens to become toddlers. Lyra first.

No nose, but otherwise not too bad. She’s a Sagittarius, 7/2/9/10/7.

And then Lepus.

Lepus has a nose (yay!), and he’s a Scorpio 10/4/10/10/1. He’s got Matthew’s mean gene!

The eldest of the bunch, Lizzie Beth, became a teen. She rolled Popularity/Knowledge, and her LTW is to become Chief of Staff. And I have my first uncontrollable teen.

She’d rather take care of the kids than herself, but so far she’s doing okay.

The kids love to gossip about the abduction. :D

And thanks to much Kibble of Life, Grace is still around to endure more toddler squeezes.

The 2nd yard sale went great, and I make over $6,000! So we get a doublewide, and the kids all have bedrooms! And there’s room to move around!!

And an activity table.

Then the alien twins became kids. Lepus…

And Lyra. Norma Jean and Peggy Sue became teens too, but I guess I forgot to take their pictures.

And now that Lizzie Beth is 1 day away from becoming an adult, it’s time for an heir poll!

As a reminder, here are the contenders and their stats.

Lizzie Beth Bradford
Capricorn – 10/5/3/10/7
Popularity/Knowledge – LTW to become Chief of Staff
Hair: Brown/Red
Eyes: Dark Blue/Green
Skin: Light (Custom S2)
Pros: Permaplat already via the LTA meter. Almost an adult, so the next generation can get going fairly quickly.
Cons: Only knows one male from outside the family. As she’s the eldest, there’s really no room in the house for a husband and kids. Will never achieve her LTW.

Norma Jean Bradford
Virgo – 10/3/10/4/8
Pleasure/Popularity – LTW to become Game Designer
Hair: Brown/Red
Eyes: Dark Blue/Green
Skin: Pale (Custom S1)
Pros: Almost permaplat via the LTA meter. Almost an adult, so the next generation can get going fairly quickly.
Cons: Knows no one from outside her family. Will never achieve her LTW.

Peggy Sue Bradford
Pisces – 8/1/10/3/8
Knowledge/Grilled Cheese – LTW to eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Hair: Red/Red
Eyes: Dark Blue/Green
Skin: S1
Disqualified for heir by rolling knowledge

Carson Bradford
Aquarius – 5/7/6/7/10
Popularity/Fortune (Prerolled for heir poll purposes)
Hair: Blond/Red
Eyes: Dark Blue/Light Blue
Skin: Light (Custom S2)
Pros: Good recessive genetics. I love his nose. Middle child, so only 3 kids left in the house behind him.
Cons: Not Matthew’s son. No idea what his LTW is, so no idea if it’s achievable or not. Knows no one outside the family.

Junior Bradford
Cancer – 9/3/7/9/7
Fortune/Pleasure (Prerolled for heir poll purposes)
Hair: Brown/Red
Eyes: Dark Blue/Green
Skin: S2
Pros: Matthew’s biological son. He’s a cutie. Middle child, so only 2 left behind him.
Cons: No idea about his LTW. Knows no one outside the family. He’s not very interesting.

Lepus Bradford
Scorpio – 10/4/10/10/1
Family/Fortune (Prerolled for heir poll)
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Alien/Green
Skin: Alien
Pros: He’s an ALIEN with a NOSE. He’s got the 1 nice point from his father. He’s adorable. Family will (possibly) give me an achievable LTW. Youngest, so plenty of room in the house by the time he’s and adult. I love him.
Cons: Knows no one outside the family. No idea about LTW. Matthew & Jan may not live to see grandkids.

Lyra Bradford
Sagittarius – 7/2/9/10/7
Pleasure/Knowledge (Prerolled for heir poll)
Hair: Black/Red
Eyes: Alien/Green
Skin: Alien
Pros: She’s an ALIEN. Decent personality spread. Youngest, so plenty of room in the house by the time she’s an adult.
Cons: Knows no one outside the family. No idea about LTW. Matthew & Jan may not live to see grandkids. She has no nose.

So now, you vote! I’ll keep the poll open for about 24 hours, and then the winner will be declared. And if you’re wondering, I want Lepus to win.

Poll #1865684 Bradford TPC Heir Poll #1
This poll is closed.

Who should be the heir?

Lizzie Beth
Norma Jean


( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 11th, 2012 11:00 pm (UTC)
I chose Junior because he's cute, and you know, might become more interesting if he's heir.

Also he he, love your choice of founder :)
Sep. 12th, 2012 08:51 am (UTC)
Junior is pretty cute, though I'm not sure he got anything feature-wise from Jan. I'm opening campaigning for Lepus, if only because I don' have aliens in my regular legacy.

The consensus is that Matthew was a *very* deserving candidate for founder of this challenge.
Sep. 12th, 2012 12:57 pm (UTC)
Matthew = totally deserving of a miserable life. Jan too, seriously.

Did you ever manage to get a second dog?

Genie lamp = totally win, of course. I was uber excited when I got one for the same reason.

Yay abduction!

I haven't been able to get broken electronics to sell, unfortunately. Did you manage to?

Yay doublewide!
Sep. 12th, 2012 05:54 pm (UTC)
I can't think of a more deserving couple. *evil grin*

Grace is still the only dog. Since it looks like Lepus will win, I've got some time before I need to worry about that.

Genie lamps are so useful in this challenge. I'll have to work to see if I can get a few more for future generations.

Abduction FTW!

The busted TV is still sitting on the lawn. I'm hoping I can get someone to buy it at some point, but I doubt it.

Doublewide has made life so much easier.
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )

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