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Chapter 27 Picspam Part I: Spares and Such

Picspam from the spares this time around.  This means the Gavigan, Thompson, Phoenix, Silas Alcott, Bear, Langerak, and Hutchins households.


Cordy has taken to washing windows as of late. Probably because she wants them clean so she can see out of them.

Because Walter does like to sneak out at night.

Though Shirley doesn’t help in being inconspicuous by bringing a limo. I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t get it.

Then it’s time to send Walter off to college. He’s mad at the firefighter as she came over just as the rain finally managed to put the tree fire out, and she fined him. Yeah, he’s not happy. You’ll see more of him in later picspam.


This is a typical scene in the Thompson house. They all have a far too many playful points for their own good.

Amos and Juan both passed this rotation. They went from enemies to BFFs in the matter of about 2 rotations. Ah, how I love the Sims.

And Grimmy continues to defy the laws of physics.

Of course, things went from bad to worse when the burglar decided to show up.

With poor Audrey furious at the burglar and in need of an aspiration boots, it was time to send her off to college.

And here she is, all grown up.


Nancy was a little behind on her skilling for scholarships, so as it was fall I had her staying up pretty much all night and skilling. Muriel is joining her because I needed to get her Cuisine enthusiasm up.

Mostly so she can write restaurant guides, as no one in the family is currently working and I needed to have them make money somehow.

As we’re in the Elders Drop Like Flies phase of the legacy, it should be no surprise that it was Alonzo’s turn this time.

Bye, Alonzo. I’m glad I waited to install ACR until you were gone; otherwise, you and Myrtle would have had about a million children I’m sure.

Of course, Pierce and Muriel decide to get all lovey-dovey, and Nancy Does Not Approve.

And with that, Nancy goes off to college. You’ll see her picture as a YA in a later picspam.

Silas Alcotts

I forgot how much a nuisance pets can be sometimes. Sims would much rather play with pets than take care of themselves.

But Silas wants 6 pets to top their careers, and I’ve never done that LTW before, so here we go. :P Kitties will arrive soon.

Of course, it’s funny when pets do things like attack the Leader of the Pack.

Maurice departed this time around. I’d accidentally deleted his outfit in a CC cull, so he got a random suit.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Skip the next 4 pictures/captions if you don’t want to know about a certain plot point for the next chapter.

Okay, so as you learned in chapter 27, Gilbert Seiff and Clarence Alcott have been spending a lot of time together.

And they have in game as well. Clarence brought Gil home from school one day.

And that’s where things got interesting.

See, I was playtesting with ACR in another ‘hood (I’m sure some of you see where this is going), and I forgot to disable it in Simsfield.

Yeah. They certainly make an adorable couple, but it’s the 1940s in the legacy. So I need to figure out how this is going to play out in the bigger story. And I can’t wait to hear Rosalie’s reaction to this.


Kenneth is now a teenager, and he couldn’t wait for me to give him a makeover to disapprove of his parents being all lovey.

Much better. He’s a pretty good blend of Mom & Dad, though Mom’s nose is definitely his most prominent feature.

As a one-nice-pointer, he does *really* well with chess.

And this is the lucky lady who will be his wife, once they’re both done with college.


Lucy looks so much like Kaylynn it’s scary.

And as it was fall, it was time to skill.

Since the family had money, I let her call the matchmaker for her spouse drop.

I think they got along pretty good. :P


I knew that it was Victor’s turn to go this rotation. So I kind of let him do what he wanted to do.

Which consisted of Jane, Jane, Jane.

Victor, you were awesome. I’m going to miss you a bunch.

Not appropriate reaction, Edith. But I need to backtrack here.

Because Edith became a teenager this rotation.

And I like her a lot.

And this is Edith’s intended. I *think* he’s one of the newly spawned vacation townies, but I could be wrong.

And we’ll end with the mortification of being congratulated by your mother for your first kiss.

That’s all there is for this round. I’ve got two more batches of picspam from the last chapter that I’ll try to get posted in short order.
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