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Chapter 27 Picspam Part III: Main Family & College

Pictures from the main house and college this time!


It was fall, and Jefferson decided to help Cindy with the harvest.

This is one of the coolest things ever. It’s a tree swing from Affinity Sims, and the tree is seasons enabled. I can’t wait for generation 8 to use it. :D

Cindy needed some elixir to get her age where I want it with the new aging hack.

And since it was fall, it was time to skill skill skill.

Soon, it was Nick’s turn to head off to college. You’ll see more of him in a little bit.

For some reason, Dotty and Danny were very behind on where they should have been for skilling, so they did a lot of it this rotation. Fall + skill cap + energizer = scholarships.

It really annoys me when CC does things like this. Might be time to redo the bathrooms to get rid of this sink. It’s only been, oh, since generation 2 that they’ve looked like this. Yeah, time for an upgrade, I think.

Sometimes, I think the family’s a little too close.

James will be the only tub pirate soon, as Nick is too serious.

Uh, NO.

Much better. These two are so awesome together.

I think James knew that Jefferson was going to go this rotation, so he spent a lot of time with his dad. Here they are playing whap, as James like to throw the football hard.

Jefferson was pretty awesome. I was really sorry to see him go. His death in the chapter was staged, as I didn’t get the shots I needed for the chapter. This is his actual death.

Goodbye, Jefferson. I’m going to miss you.

I took out the no inheritance hack, as it was messing with the transfer of owned community lots and vacation homes upon deaths. So everyone got a nice windfall.

Danny did this all on his own as I was setting up for Nick’s college departure, and I just had to use it.

So Nick will ask Alice to marry him early next chapter, and she’ll get a shiny custom engagement ring to wear. I can’t wait to show it to you!


Rosalie was the first one I moved into college, as I needed to change her aspiration to Family, and then figure out who she was going to marry.

It’s this downtownie spawned by my game. He was originally name Yoosin or something like that, but I used a random name generator, and his name is now Bruce Thorne. So Rosalie will be Rosalie Thorne when she marries, and this amuses me greatly.

I gave him a makeover, and I can’t figure out whether he’s face 1 or 2, or if I’m totally wrong. Thoughts?

Nick & Alice were next. Nick’s outfit is okay. Alice’s not so much.

Alice got Cheesed, which was good as she was still stuck with the Grow Up aspiration, one of the unfortunate side effects of growing up children with the feature that came with FT. I was worried she wouldn’t cheese as she was platinum from a “Go to College” want, but she was good and is now a Grilled Cheese Sim. I rarely play them, so I’m oddly excited to see how it goes.

And here they are looking all spiffy after their makeovers.

Nancy and Audrey as college students.

This is one of the dormies in Nick’s dorm; I need to remember to give the poor guy a better hairstyle the next time I’m on that lot.

Nick is a big fan of making sure the cow mascot stays away.

And Alice is not fazed by a streaker. I’m always amused when I see this modern stuff in my not-so-modern game.

I know it’s because Nick has Romance as his secondary aspiration, but he’s got a fan club and gets heart-farted everywhere he goes. I prefer to think it’s because Nick is awesome.

Alice, if she’s around, usually does something like this. It’s as if she’s saying “MINE, BITCH.”

She’s got nothing to worry about. Nick has eyes only for her.

Nick & Walter work on their body skill and enjoy the FT objects I put on their dorm lots.

I moved both of them to the fraternity house, and they spend their days doing this. Walter has 1 nice point; Nick has more, so chess usually ends up like this.

Over in the girls dorm, no one bothers to put books away.

Rosalie and Alice don’t always get along well. And it’s usually Rosalie who starts it.

In other news, Shirley and Walter are now in love. :D

Rosalie must suffer the indignity of jump rope, as she needs more body skill.

Alice made a friend who will talk with her about Cheese. So she was able to get and stay platinum.

Rosalie is not always the lady she lets on.

And she does swoon over Bruce. :D

Rosalie also made herself an enemy. I can’t feel bad for her, as she somehow brought it on herself. And look at Shirley in the background there, looking smug.

I’m trying to get Alice to eat as many sandwiches as possible in college, but it’s hard in a dorm.

Alice and Shirley, who is GC secondary, get along much better than Alice and Rosalie do.

The girls have since moved into a house, making it much easier for Alice to eat cheese.

And for the last picture, see the girls headed off to a final exam. Note that only Shirley doesn’t bother to change out of her PJs.

So that’s all there is for the picspam for the last chapter. I’m working to get the details of the next chapter hammered out so I can start working on it soon.
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