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Chapter 9 Outtakes and Spare Spam

Time to share some of what went on in Simerica in the Spring rotation, as well as some photos that didn’t make the cut for the chapter.

First, an update on what the spares are up to.

Wendy London’s family decided that Abhijeet Deppiesse was a “suitable husband” for her. He took her last name, because I didn’t want to have to spell Deppiesse all the time.

My favorite spare Cole Phoenix found love with Katerina Bear, a college student.

They are quite smitten with each other. He proposed straight away.

They married at the Phoenix townhouse in Portsimouth.

They are a lovely couple. I’m also getting lazy with the spare households. No wedding dresses for the ladies; it’s much easier just to give them one set of formal wear.

Both Jimmy and Sophia are now elders…

Not bad at all. They’re still VERY lovey-dovey.

Next up, the Gavigan household. Vertie’s caught herself a husband.

This is Derek Vijayaker, the paperboy.

They married in the ballroom at Gavigan Manor.

Derek and Vertaline Gavigan…again, because Vijayker is a pain to spell. I’m VERY curious to see what their kids look like.

Okay, that’s it for the spare spam. Onto the outtakes from the main chapter.

Thomas has kept himself busy in his elder hood. He’s taken up fishing.

He’s actually gotten quite good at it:

Big fish! The pantry (fridge) is quickly filling up. We’ll need the fish when it’s time to get Gen. 5 into private school.

I’ve gotten a very strong reaction to Matthew’s behavior. He really is very conniving. I think he’s the best face maker of this generation:

Oh, my little heir. How evil you are.

For the first time, I didn’t let the heir pick out his own wife. This generation is all about the different types of marriages. Thomas looks at his as more of a business arrangement. Of course, for them to get them to like each other, some romance was needed.

Jan was selected by me for her recessive genes from the college townie directory. I think her genetics will add some variety to my already diverse mix.

I’m also pleased that I figured out how to change townie clothing, so I can at least have the intendeds in appropriate attire.

Don’t let Matthew’s sweet expression fool you – he has only 1 nice point, and every time I told him to flirt, he gave me the “who me” look.

Poor Jan. She’s fallen for him hook, line and sinker.

I think she may be a fake-knowledge sim. I had to make her selectable for this scene, and her want panel was full of stuff-related wants (not for bookcases or telescopes either). She must be secretly pleased by Matthew’s family fortune.

Young love (or something similar).

They do make a cute pair, but goodness only knows what Matthew will get himself into as head of the family with a wife like Jan by his side.

The other piece that I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on is Robert and Matilda’s love affair. You’re all rooting for them, aren’t you? I needed a go-between, and Phily with her views on marriage worked out well to be Matilda’s sidekick.

The “View” poses work quite well for a teacher lecturing, I thought.

I liked this pic, other than the fact that Robert looked to happy for my needs.

Same here; plus, it made more sense for their conversation to take place outside.

I feel bad for what Matilda’s going through. Her parents are really making life difficult for her. But never fear; I have a plan.

With Lawrence and George on their side (Eliza too, if she knew about it), how can these two lovebirds not end up together?

That’s all for now. I’m in the process of working on a meta on the geography of Simerica/Massimchusetts for you so you can understand the lay of the land the way I do. Until then!


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Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:06 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I end up with so many extras it's a shame not to share them.
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