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Third Legiversary - Mini-Photoshoot


Three years ago today, I posted my legacy prologue.  In all honesty, it doesn't feel like it's been three years since I started this project.  A lot has changed since then, both in the legacy and in RL for me.  Legacy-wise, we've moved forward about 200 years from the Colonial period to the verge of a second World War.  There have been some great characters, some real bastards (Matthew, I'm looking at you!), and in general good times.  There have been 27 chapters (28 if you include the prologue), 2 interludes (Alex and Phily, who I still miss dearly), and all kinds of side projects like my Asylum and Trailer Park Challenge.  In RL, I've quit a job that made me unhappy (and took away from my Simming time) and gone back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a therapist.  So yeah, it's been a long three years.

I have a small photoshoot to share with you today.  As I'm frantically working on the next chapter AND some papers for RL school, I didn't have time for much else.  But as today is Veteran's Day in the US, I felt it would be appropriate to share some images from a few of the main characters who will be serving in the Sim Military very soon, as well as the ladies keeping the home fires burning for them.  I hope you enjoy.

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