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Pretty sure my game is borked.

I'm not really that surprised.  It's been 2 years of pretty hard playing since I did my last install.  It's nothing that's making the game unplayable, but I'm thinking it might be time to reinstall.

For one, I've got some lovely new clothing options showing up in the buy catalog.

(I've got a dormie who spawned with the naked outfit).

And there are the lovely duplicate outerwear outfits.  I'm pretty sure this is an issue with my core game files, hence why I think I need to reinstall.

I don't think the Legacy 'hood has been affected, as there's nothing strange going on there.  But if I'm going to reinstall, I'm contemplating doing a rebuild.

But why?  Yes, I only have 2 more generations to play and then 1 to just get born, and I can probably get through it in this 'hood.  But I'm dissatisfied with the townies & NPCs the game spawned the last time I rebuilt (I have a lot of Sims that are duplicates of each other, right down to the clothes they're wearing), and nearly all my townies are Romance.  Not that I have an issue with Romance Sims (especially since no woohoo except try for baby is about to go away), but I'd like some more variety.  Plus, it will give me the chance to make my very 19th century neighborhoods into something more modern, considering I'm well into the 20th century.

So, what does this mean?  Well, I was contemplating building a separate 'hood to film the war chapters in, so I could do all kinds of stuff to get the pictures I needed without borking the main 'hood, but now I'm thinking I'll just shoot the war chapters in the old 'hood, and take up with the new 'hood from there.  I have a blank template from the last rebuild that I can start from, so all I'll really need to do is extract houses and Sims.  And since I'm not playing with ghosts on the lot, I'm thinking I'll just find dummy tombstones for the cemetery and not import any of the dead Sims.

TL;DR:  Game is doing funny shit, so I'm going to reinstall and rebuild.  But the next chapter and the 5 (at the moment) war chapters will happen in the old hood, and legacy will charge forward from there.
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