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The Bradford Legacy - Chapter 28

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm reviving my update-on-Turkey-Day tradition, so have a new chapter of the Bradford Legacy.

Click on the picture to read the chapter.  If you have trouble with the Slideshare embed, feel free to download the chapter as a PDF file.  You can comment here, or on the thread at Boolprop.  I hope you enjoy!


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Nov. 23rd, 2012 12:23 am (UTC)
Yay, update! My night just got good!

[Spoiler (click to open)]Just sitting here glowing over Nick and Alice's engagement and reminiscing about the dance that led us here. And I was handling the news of Plumbbob Harbor until they told Cindy and James. I just burst into tears, the painful kind that hurt your eyes and soul. How is it I can be so moved by a bunch of colorful pixels? Perhaps the Bradfords are more than fiction; they're like a facsimile for the real people who've gone through this, built our country for better or worse. I feel bad for Rosalie's beau and any man who wasn't eager to go out and fight. I think they're unfairly villainised for having other priorities but, se la vie.

My baby brother was overseas during this recent war. He was just out of high school when he enlisted. The constant fear we lived in was indescribable. So many young men in his company or platoon (whatever you call it) died. He keeps a memorial to them and he was with so many of them when they perished. It's like, if only one little detail had been different he would be gone instead. I look at their faces and feel like the most selfish bastard because I can only be grateful that it was someone else's brother and not mine.

sorry for that rambling, I'm always doing that to you :) Back to the Bradfords now that I've got the tears under control... It's so like Nick to be upset over the mistreatment of the Japanese Americans. He's the kinda stuff that Captain America was created from: The best of his time. People like Nicky are why we call them the good old days :)

How crazy is it that people saw the bombing of Japanese civilians as just desserts for their bombing a military base. War makes us ugly.

Oh Alice is beautiful! Ha ha! James really is going bald! Go Cindy, even I'd be terrified. Nick looks so handsome in his uniform.

Damn it the tears are back! I'm with you ladies. Nicky better bring his stubborn ass back home!

Wonderful update as always. You never disappoint *hugz* now I gotta put a cool cloth on my burning eyes.
Nov. 26th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
Glad my update could make your night!

[Link to spoiler]

It was quite a dance that led to their engagement. They’ve known each other since Nick’s first day as a child, and that’s a long time, both in game and in real life. It was definitely harder for me to write the scene where they tell James and Cindy. Well, at least for this generation the Bradfords are facsimiles for my grandparents in many ways; maybe that’s why you’re feeling so moved at the moment. I don’t necessarily think that there’s anything wrong with Bruce not wanting to go to war, but yeah, people who took that stance without a “legitimate” reason such as religious objections or medical issues were not looked upon well. It’s one of the things that I’m going to look at a little bit as the war progresses.

I can only imagine how scary that must have been for you and your family. I don’t think it’s selfish to be grateful that your brother survived, but I can understand why you feel guilty.

Ramblings are ok. They happen. :) Nick really is a golden boy in a lot of ways. He want fairness and justice for everyone. He really is Captain America in a lot of ways. But he’s far from perfect, as his thickheadedness shows.

War really does bring out the worst in people. I won’t bore you with all my new learning from my counseling classes, but some people believe that we all have those dark instincts inside of us and they just come out under the proper conditions. But yeah, it’s hard to write about people being happy about others suffering.

Alice was so pretty on that day; I didn’t want to change her out of it when I finished filming! Cait really outdid herself with the gown. And Nick does look handsome in his uniform. And yes, James really is losing his hair. Once the idea popped into my head I couldn’t let it go.

Aw, I didn’t mean to make you cry (though I was teary as I filmed it!). I plan to put the war chapters out as close together as I can, so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long before finding out who comes home and who doesn’t.

Thanks for commenting!
Nov. 23rd, 2012 06:17 am (UTC)
Oh, the wedding was beautiful but the departure scene just broke my heart :(

This was so beautifully written!
Nov. 26th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to shooting this wedding FOREVER, and it was a lot of fun to make Alice a Bradford officially. The departure scene was heartbreaking to write and shoot.

Thanks for commenting!
Nov. 23rd, 2012 07:35 am (UTC)
I found your LJ via Boolprop and hope you don't mind if I comment here - I'm not at boolprop so much these days.

[Spoiler (click to open)] What a wonderful chapter! The wedding was gorgeous, and that horrible feeling of knowing Nick's having to go...

And then the departure scene. :(

This chapter was fantastic, looking forward to more! :)

Nov. 26th, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)
Welcome! Commenting here is fine; I’m not around Boolprop so much myself either but I still post the legacy there as I know there are a few people who prefer to comment there and in hopes of picking up a new reader or two.

[Link to spoiler]

Thank you! The wedding was something I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and I wanted to make it nice as I knew it would be a pretty poignant moment with everyone knowing that Nick was leaving soon.

The departure scene was very hard to write and shoot.

Thanks for commenting!
Nov. 23rd, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
I read this yesterday before I crashed into 16 hours of sleep.

It was good. Very good.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I loved that James got to follow through on the bet he made with Cindy all those years ago. Also I totally laughed at James' hairline. It's completely his fault that he's hidden it under a hat all these years.

The whole war stuff was interesting. I was kind of surprised at how much you sped up the action then I realized it kind of makes sense in terms of sim lifetimes. Alice was right that she didn't have a lot of time with her husband so no point in spending it mad.

I look forward to seeing what you have planned with the interludes.
Nov. 26th, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

[Link to spoiler]

I wanted James to admit he was wrong about the whole thing without actually having to say the words, and giving Cindy the coat (and the diamond ring) was a great way of doing so. It was also nice to let James spoil Cindy a little, as he wasn’t able to do so during the Depression years. And yeah, I laughed at James’ hairline too. If he’d not insisted on his hat, it wouldn’t be such a shock to everyone. But I think he knew that his best friends (and his youngest son) would give him a hard time about it so he kept a lid on it (so to speak) for so long.

Making the war events fit into a Sims timeline is honestly one of the hardest parts of this part of my story. I’ve got a new aging hack in and that combined with how the war chapters will play out should allow me to slow things down a bit. I still don’t plan on dealing with every single battle, but am picking out pertinent events and then tying them into the various storylines I have planned. I hope that I’ve done a good overview by the time I’m done, but that remains to be seen.

Yes, Alice was right. Even though she was mad at Nick (and rightfully so), it made no sense for her to hold a grudge at that moment. If Nick hadn’t been leaving, he probably would have spent most of his honeymoon sleeping on the couch, though. ;)

Thanks for commenting! I hope the war chapters live up to everyone’s expectations.
I look forward to seeing what you have planned with the interludes.
Dec. 6th, 2012 12:12 am (UTC)
[Spoiler (click to open)]OMG you totally made me cry with this chapter! Please, please let Nick come home!!!!

I love the way you worked in all of the major events of the war and everyone's reactions to them. So many things to cause worry...

YAY for Nick and Alice finally tying the knot!!! I'm glad he finally got it through his head that he should propose. And I'm glad they got married before he left. I feel terrible for Shirley. Walter is going to be kicking himself later. I know from your drabbles. ;)

Oh Danny. I am definitely worried about him as well. Especially since he is more likely to be in the thick of it.

Poor Dotty. I hope she figures out what she wants to do with herself. (Also I really hope that it's not Nick's grave that she'll be stopping at during her Grand Tour.)

Excellent chapter as always! I'm both dreading and looking forward to the War year chapters!</a>

Edited at 2012-12-06 04:13 am (UTC)
Dec. 7th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
[Link to spoiler]
Aw, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I imagine that I’ll be hearing a lot of pleas for safe homecomings until I’m done writing the war stuff. I tried to work in the events that people would be talking about, but still let the legacy stuff happen. There really was a lot to worry about.

I have been ready for them to get married FOREVER, considering I picked her out to be the next legacy spouse about this time last year. Yeah, Shirley’s pretty upset with Walter about not proposing at least, and Walter will be regretting he choice quite a bit.

Yeah, Danny’s going to be in the thick of things. Things in Europe were bad, of course, but I always got the impression that things in the Pacific were worse.

Dotty will drift a bit for a while, yes, but she’ll eventually find her calling. (And I’m not telling :P You’ll have to wait and see what happens).

Thanks for the comment!
Jan. 6th, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC)
So I apparently totally suck at that whole "reviewing on time" thing, but, uh, better late than never?

[Review!]Yay for Cindy winning the coat! I don't think James ultimately lost, though. :P

I have to say, I see James's point of view - knowing it's right to get involved, but also knowing that your own children will be the ones on the front lines if you do get involved. He's not sticking his head in the sand, though - this is a legitimate concern, and I think any parent who isn't worried (well, any parent of a son of the right age) is clearly in la-la-land.

Yeah, Russia was...well. With Stalin in charge, I doubt any of us are surprised that they were mostly in it for themselves, but I think ultimately it was a good thing they fought against Germany. It's the after that became a problem - which, are you going to cover the Cold War? I know it didn't majorly impact a lot of Americans, but it did impact some.

Glad to see there are places where Danny isn't always right! Though it doesn't surprise me that he's less comfortable with social stuff than with other parts of life, since it's not something you can plan in quite the same way - you can't fully predict what other people will do, after all. He is right about it being rather awkward to get involved with someone when you know you're not going to be able to stay, but it does kind of suck for him to not have those experiences.

Why am I not surprised Rosalie had the shortest courtship before engagement? She'd be appalled at it taking much longer, though obviously the wedding won't happen until after she graduates, as it wouldn't do to be pregnant at graduation! Well, unless Bruce goes off to war, but even then, I see her preferring a longer courtship and a bigger wedding.

Yay engagement! Boo Pearl Harbor!

I still find the whole concept of boarding houses and chaperones and such so...not strange, but slightly mind-boggling, considering how college nowadays is very much about having no supervision at all in a lot of ways. Things have changed quite a lot, haven't they?

So, is Nick going to have to get a haircut in bootcamp? :P

Ah, Nick. So lovely, so nice, so wonderful, and still such a man when it comes to wedding planning.

Yeah, even if it weren't horribly old fashioned, I don't think anyone except possibly Rosalie would ever want to wear Jan's wedding gown as-is. Just no.

What is the Simgley a change from? *doesn't recognize the original name*

Ah, signing a will. While it sucks that it's necessary, it's still something that really everyone should do as soon as they turn eighteen, because the legal ramifications that can come from NOT having a valid will can be problematic - I have a cousin who died at the age of twenty without a will, and while his parents were clearly his next of kin and he was only twenty and didn't actually own all that much stuff, it still turned into a whole bunch of legal hassles that would have been easier if he'd simply had a will. I have one, even though I'm clearly not going to die in war, so it's probably for the best that Nick and Walter have someone advising them who understands that necessity.

Ugh, Japanese American internment camps. Not cool, American government, not cool at all.

Love all the reactions to James's hat and baldness. :P

I really like Dotty's formal dress. Where'd you get it from?

Yay wedding, boo having to go to war. :(

So Danny isn't going to college in story, I see - will you still have him go to college in game? What about Dotty and anyone else in that age group?

Love spotting the grilled cheese. :P

Aww, poor Shirley. Walter totally should have proposed. Boo for him!

And so war is here. I'm both nervous and excited to see what you do with it!
Jan. 7th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Late comments are better than no comments!

And I had so much to say that I have to break this into two replies. :P

[Reply Part I]

I’m pretty sure that James didn’t mind that Cindy won that bet at all. As you said, he really didn’t lose. :P

I imagine that there were a lot of people who thought like James in that they would want to get involved but not want to send their kids off to do the fighting. He would much rather go off and do the fighting himself, to be honest.

Yeah, Russia was what it was. It was good that they ended up fighting Germany, as it probably shortened the war in the long run. But the after is a big problem. Some Cold War stuff will come up (like teaching kids to hide under their desk in the event of a nuclear bomb), and I’ve dabbled with the idea of someone going to work for the CIA or something, but I don’t know how much I’ll focus on it yet. Let me get through one war first. :P

Haha, don’t tell Danny that he’s not always right; he’ll get mad. I also think that he’s been so busy planning that he forgot the social component it some ways, but he is right that it really isn’t fair to get involved with someone when he knows it might not last. I’m looking forward to writing about Danny and getting into his head when it’s time for his chapter.

Yeah, you know that Rosalie wasn’t going to wait any longer than necessary to seal that part of the deal. I’ve actually written her chapter so I know how her timeline plays out, and you’re right about some of what you said, but you’ll have to wait and see. I will say that you’re right in that the wedding is probably more important to her than anything else.

I could finally get them engaged! And then I dropped a bomb(shell). :P
Jan. 7th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
[Reply Part II]

It is kind of weird to think about how things were in some ways. I remember my grandmother telling me about her “house mother” at the sorority she was a part of in college. Apparently, she was stricter than my great-grandparents. It is funny how things have changed in such a relatively short period of time.

I don’t want to have to have my characters change their hair, but I might have to. But you can be assured that he’ll grow it out as soon as he can.

LOL, yes, he’s quite perfect in a lot of ways, but make him talk about flowers and seating charts and he’ll run for the hills faster than you can say “boo.”

No, anyone who would want to wear that dress as was would be crazy. I don’t think even Rosalie would go there.

The Simgley is the USS Langley, the first US aircraft carrier sunk by the Japanese. I figured the sinking of an aircraft carrier would put Cindy on edge, knowing that Danny was going into the Navy.

It’s not something that young folks like to think about, but it that situation it was really necessary (and for most people anyway). I imagine that as the “family” lawyer, Sterling wouldn’t have rested until Nick, Danny, Walter, and all the boys from Simsfield had at least a basic one in place. Because you know when you prepare for the worst it doesn’t happen.

Yeah, the internment camps were certainly not one of the best decisions made.

I had so much fun writing the baldness scene. It was nice to have a moment of lightness in the midst of all the dramas.

Dotty’s dress is by waxesnostaglic here on Dreamwidth: http://waxesnostalgic.dreamwidth.org/1601.html. It’s probably a bit dated for 1940, but as Alice’s wedding dress is made from “recycled” materials, I imagine Cindy finding a dress in the attic that might have been Viola’s in her youth and reworking if for Dotty.

Wedding! It really was pretty. Too bad they don’t get to spend too much time together before Nick (and all the other boys) end up leaving. :(

No, Danny’s not going straight to college right away. As I’m imagining quite a few of the boys who are going to fight would have taken advantage of the GI bill and gone to college after coming home, they will ALL go to college in game. Plus, then they’re “adults” for filming purposes. The girls will go to college as well, because, hey, what else is there to do when the boys are gone? They can get educated and do their war work.

Grilled cheese! Alice will get the whole family addicted by the time I’m done with her LTW.

Yeah, poor Shirley indeed. Walter should have proposed; you’ll get to see a bit of what his reasoning when Shirley’s chapter comes around.

Yup, war is here. I’m working fast and furiously on the war chapters so that people don’t have to wait too long between them to find out what happens.
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