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An Old Fashioned Trailer Park Challege - Part 4 & Heir Poll

Welcome back! Last time, the last Lepus and Linda’s children had just been born. We’ll pick up the action from there.

Annabelle, Linda’s illegitimate spawn with an AL townie, is very attached to the dog.

Of course, I think that may be because she thinks she is one. She’d rather eat from their dishes than ask for food.

Yes, Forrest, your A+ is great. Mom’s just a little busy now…maybe you can brag about it later?

With all the Neat Sims in the trailer, I don’t know where the roaches keep coming from. Especially since the exterminator never finds any when we call him over.

Time for Trixiebelle’s birthday!

Isn’t she a cutie? Trixiebelle is a Leo 5/10/3/9/1, and her Predestined Hobby is Games.

Forrest and his 1 Nice point like to taunt his little sisters.

Lepus is busy making sure that Trixiebelle learns all her toddler skills. He is a family Sim, after all.

Another birthday! This time it’s Annabelle becoming a child.

She’s very cute too. As a reminder, Annabelle is an Aries 8/8/3/5/3 with a Predestined Hobby of Cuisine.

Jan takes it upon herself to make sure everyone eats.

Perhaps a bit too well. Matthew’s fat now too, and I’m not going to waste money on an exercise machine so they can get thin again right now. I have more important goals in mind.

Like my Water Wiggler that Lepus will build for me. Eventually. If he ever gets a Gold Toy Making badge.

Really, Loribelle? Playing in the puddles the dogs made? I would have thought your many neat points would keep you from doing that.

Annabelle is in the process of making a new friend. She is very well connected to the canine species, after all.

I had Linda look for a job in the paper, and when a legal one came up (slacker) I had her take it and made Matthew quit his. I figured Matthew should “enjoy” his retirement a bit.

But mostly it’s because I wanted to get started on him passing on the business perks to Lepus. I know it can take forever so I figured there was no time like the present.

I also noticed that the kids never brought home townies from school, so I plopped the bin Sims with kids in their families down on random lots. If things go well with any of them, I’ll townify them and go from there. At least the kids now have some connections in their relationship panels from outside the house.

Here’s Trixiebelle as a child. I think she’s adorable, and a great mixture of genetics.

I had her play with the Spin, Wobble, and Wiggle (or whatever the heck it’s called) that Lepus made with his Silver Toy Making Badge (progress!!!).

However, I forgot about its unfortunate side effects.

Lepus spends a lot of time learning the Business Perks or chained to the toy making bench (as long as the family funds allow. That thing drains them FAST when you can’t sell out of your inventory).

Despite her many cooking skills, Jan is still trying to burn the trailer down. Making mac & cheese.

Yard sale time again! Mostly Sir Bricks-a-Lot and toy fire trucks form Lepus’ badge making endeavors, but there are a few boots. Of course, Lepus is the main attraction…

…as he’s restocking (and earning a badge for it in the process!) in his swimsuit after some hot tub ACR woohoo with his wife.

Apparently the Bradford Yard Sale is worthy of the Best of the Best award. I’m impressed.

Time for a batch of birthdays. Forrest becoming a teen is up first.

Forrest rolled Pleasure/Knowledge (*sobs* why can’t you roll something with wants you might be able to satisfy on your own or with a little help from a controllable?), and his LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind. He’s turned on by Blond and Grey hair, and turned off by Hard Workers. He randomiszed via ACR as bisexual.

Linda’s becoming an elder as well. I didn’t adjust her age to fit in with the aging hack I use when I moved her in, so we’ll just say that Lepus married a cougar.

Very nice. I do like that face template.

A few days later, it’s time for Raleigh to become a teen as well.

Raleigh rolls Romance/Fortune, with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. He’s turned on by Hats and Good Cooks, and turned off by Custom Hair. He randomized straight.

And then it was time for Loribelle to teenify as well.

Before and after makeover pictures. Loribelle rolled Pleasure/Fortune with a LTW to become a City Planner. She’s turned on by Swimwear and Mechanical, and turned off by Good Cooks. She randomized straight.

Jan decided to help out a little and encourage David Ottomas to flirt with Loribelle.

It didn’t go so well.

Or so I thought. So Loribelle becomes the first of this generation to get her first kiss. Too bad she didn’t have a want for it.

And then she and David jumped into her parent’s bed. I don’t have *that* hack, so it was just woohoo.

I then had someone (Linda, I think) encourage the paper girl Amy to talk to Raleigh. He wasn’t having any of it, sadly.

After nearly 120 bricks and over 90 fire trucks (and a few other assorted toys), we FINALLY have a Water Wiggler!!! No more bathing dogs!!!!!

Time for one more birthday this update. Annabelle is ready to become a teen. For the record, that will be 4 uncontrollable teens.

And here she is as a teen. She’s so pretty. Annabelle rolled Popularity/Romance, with a LTW to be Captain Hero. She’s turned on by Blond and Black hair, and turned off by Creativity. She randomized as straight.

With Forrest one day away from aging up, it’s time for the second heir poll! None of the kids rolled Knowledge as their primary, so everyone’s eligible this time around. I really don’t have a preference this time around, so I won’t influence you like I did the last time around.

For your consideration for the second heir to the Bradford Trailer Park Challenge:

Forrest Bradford
Scorpio – 10/4/10/4/3
Pleasure/Knowledge – LTW to become Criminal Mastermind
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair: Brown/Brown
Eyes: Alien/Grey
Skin: Alien
Pros: Alien skin & eyes. Nearly permaplat already via the LTA meter. Almost an adult, so the next generation can get going fairly quickly.
Cons: No potential spouse. As he’s the eldest, there’s really no room in the house for a partner and kids. Will never achieve his LTW.

Raleigh Bradford
Scorpio – 10/3/10/10/1
Romance/Fortune – LTW to become Celebrity Chef
Orientation: Straight
Hair: Brown/Brown
Eyes: Alien/Grey
Skin: Pale (Custom S1)
Pros: Alien eyes. Nearly permaplat already via the LTA meter. Almost an adult, so the next generation can get going fairly quickly.
Cons: No potential spouse. Really no room in the house for a partner and kids. Will never achieve his LTW.

Loribelle Bradford
Aries – 10/9/4/4/5
Pleasure/Fortune – LTW to become City Planner
Orientation: Straight
Hair: Brown/Brown
Eyes: Alien/Grey
Skin: S4
Pros: Alien eyes. Nearly permaplat via the LTA meter. Middle child, so will be a bit more room by the time she’s ready to start on next generation. Has a potential spouse already.
Cons: Other than her eyes, she’s genetically all mom. Will never achieve her LTW.

Annabelle Bradford
Aries – 8/8/3/5/3
Popularity/Romance – LTW to become Captain Hero
Orientation: Straight
Hair: Brown/Blond
Eyes: Brown/Grey
Skin: Dark (Custom S4)
Pros: She’s pretty. Good mix of parents genetically. Younger, so there would be room in the trailer when she’s ready to marry/have kids.
Cons: Not Lepus’ daughter. No potential spouse. Will never achieve her LTW.

Trixibelle Bradford
Leo – 5/10/3/9/1
Romance/Fortune (Prerolled for heir poll purposes)
Orientation: Not rolled yet
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Green/Grey
Skin: S4
Pros: Great mix of genetics. Interesting personality. She’s darn cute, and could give me an achievable LTW.
Cons: Don’t know her LTW yet. No potential spouse. Youngest, so Mom probably won’t see her children.

That’s all there is for now! I’ll leave the poll open for at least 48 hours if not a little longer since I won’t really have a chance to play until this weekend again.

Poll #1881768 Bradford TPC Heir Poll #2
This poll is closed.

Who should be the heir?


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